Kanye West ‘I Am God’ Rumor Not True, Says Report

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Kanye West certainly has a way with titles and names, or at least with attracting rumors about them.

Last week West and his girlfriend, reality TV actress and amateur porn star Kim Kardashian, made headlines over a tabloid report that stated West wants to name their forthcoming child “North” (get it?). Now, a separate claim made by The Sun has now gained traction in more respectable media outlets.

The claim is that West is preparing to name his next album I Am God. BBC News reported the rumor again this week, repeating the claim that the name is “half tongue-in-cheek.” Now, E! News is debunking the blasphemous rumor with an anonymous source of its own. The entertainment news outlet states that an unnamed source claims the rumor “is not true.”

As for the baby name claim, that might not be so true either. During an Extra interview this week Kardashian deftly side-stepped the rumor, stating that around half of the couple’s chosen names don’t begin with a ‘k’ and that they “still have time” to decide on a name. She did say, though, that West “wants something that’s unique.”

Kanye West ‘I Am God’ Rumor Not True, Says Report
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  • ShutUp

    Ricky Gervais tweeted March 22nd: “Why won’t people believe that I am God? It’s really annoying. They suddenly want proof. I shouldn’t have to prove it. What happened to faith?”…..If you attack Kanye attack him..hop off

  • http://WebProNews KHC

    OK Kanye, if this is what you believe.
    How about you get on your boat, I mean Yacht, and go out into the middle of the Pacific ocean, or the Atlantic depending on which coast you are gracing with your presence, and motor out till you can no longer see the shoreline.

    Then jump over the side and WALK ON WATER.

  • http://webpronews/life jocko

    They belong in a sewer with all the other rats.

  • james

    WHO CARES!!!!

  • Say it like it is

    @K. Wright the motherf**ker sacrificed his mother, for the fame an life he has, its known, everbody knows that…… besides alot of other celebs lost their parents an other family members, you dont see them doing dumb shit like he does. he just paid the price for fame, so he mom dying is no excuse for him to be such a selfabsorbed, ignorant, idiotic, pathetic dick….. As for Kim K, i like her, she knows how to get what she wants…. besides half the bitches that judge her, has slept with twice the men she had, an for nothing, atleast she gets fame an money, an some profit out of the men she screws. sometimes you have to kiss a million frogs before you meet you prince… so wtf. its life get over it.

  • These are regular idiots

    Hey, I have a great name for their kid…….. Kondom!

  • http://Yahoo BigArt

    I think someone got his quote wrong. He was trying to say “I am Gay”!!

  • Rick

    What he isn’t god? Great now they’ll tell me that Kim isn’t the Virgin Mother.This day is really starting out like s**t.

  • JJ High

    It should be called “I am the Devil” !!

  • http://yahoo cindy

    Saying Kim is “an amateur porn star” is beyond ridiculously rude. I hope she sues. That’s horrible.

  • Joe Blow

    what a completely talentless hack. Hilarious

    • Magilla Gorilla


      • nicole

        without a doubt dont forget about kim either waste of space

  • Big Dong

    Kim Kardashian is not an amateur porn star you idiots lol. Who are these journalists that people hire now-a-days. Get a clue people

    • Kevin Hunter

      Right…she is just a dirty slut….=)

      • nicole

        now thats funny

    • Markus Conte

      @Big Dong: No?Then what is she?How would you call one that throws two or three porn tapes on the market,a “pro” ?

  • Magilla Gorilla

    The quote should read: “I am douchbag.”

    • nicole

      deff true

    • Kevin Hunter

      awesome…I did not see this quote before I posted the exact same thing….=)

  • nicole

    completly horrible talentless singer and absoultly rude . idk why are society even writes about these annoying people like theres notthing better to write about besides TRASHY inviduals .

    • dywone

      I think that whenever we are posting comments that we should at least make certain that we know WTF we are talking about ie SINGER/West is a rapper big difference

  • Kevin Hunter

    He should name the album, “I am a douchebag”…..

  • John Wills

    If he does name the album “I am God”, you will watch his career sink faster than the Titanic.

  • God

    Maybe he should call his new album, “I Am Rectum”.

  • ray

    “and amateur porn star Kim Kardashian”, thats the best description I have ever read of her, thank you Sean Patterson.

  • Dont be silly

    i think everyone is wrong for attacking the mans talent. His talent is not the problem. Whether you want to accept it or not kanye west is immensely good at what he does. One of the best. Ill take him over Jay z because he is much more creative and continues to push the envelope. The person kanye west himself..thats who the problem is. Thats the douche bag. But to say hes a talentless hack..you just make yourself look like an idiot. But kanye west the person..thats another story..we could make fun of that for days.

    • MrsKC2436

      You are absolutely correct! As an artist, Kayne is a genius. I can’t stand him at all, but in the creative sense, he is good at what he does, but his personality and the stuff he says, he is a complete douchebag and half! And the sad part is that it’s probably all this fame he has that is making his ego way too big and he thinks because he’s Kayne West he can be a d*@k to anyone he wants.

  • Tyler


  • Tyler

    JOHN 3:16

  • princess

    HATERS LEAVE kIM and Kanye alone.
    It is so unkind to wish a New Born Baby evil.
    leave an innocent out of Adult talk.

    • Paul

      both need to go away, far far away

  • Teps

    “I am God”, why not naming it “I am the darkness in hell” we all know you belong there, deceiving young and old alike to follow so you have more souls for the taking, may ass!!Go to hell!!And Kim is not an amatuer porn star she is a super pornstar!!

  • chuck

    Kanye West is GAY.

  • Jay

    Please Say “No To Drugs” Kids!!! Kanye is and always be a Jackass!!! Not hating just saying

  • Mark Span

    In whos eyes, Dams, Kims tastes goods “Kanye Double Trouble Westes”.

  • James

    I just wanted to point out that Kim K is not a porn star. She made a F*ck tape! There’s a difference!

  • Autumn

    If he thinks he’s God, then what are all the talented musicians? What does that make people like Ritchie Blackmore, Geezer Butler, Robert Plant, and David Gilmour? lol




    That has a catch!! The child full name will be North West genius.

  • U-Nah-Wi

    Okay, while I am not a fan of Kanye, I don’t think anyone has a right to say that another is going to hell. He could change. Everyone can. Believe it or not, he isn’t the worst person in the world. I think he is mean. Christians are not supposed to judge people. We are supposed to pray for them.

  • truth

    It’s “I’m Gay”, not “I’m God” fix the typo. Thanks for setting them straight, Kanye.

  • Ashley

    “Porn star” “Musician” whatever you would like to classify these people as, they clearly have no idea how most of us average Americans view them…classless, shallow and trashy. Kanye is a literal disgrace to mankind and well, we all know how Kim became famous. It’ll be a miracle if that child grows up to be halfway normal. Shallow + Shallower can only = Shallowest.

  • Codeman

    Is he really that egotistical now? And Black people come up with some weird and interesting names. Some are cool. And who cares what she thinks.

  • vee

    whoever wrote this article is an idiot.

  • Lynne Gentile

    Too bad that just because these two were in the right place at the right time they became famous and rich. I know a lot of musicians that should be making tons of money from their talent. Just because you have $ and fame doesn’t give you class…Let’s hope they buy an island with no web access and we’ll never hear from them again!

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