Kanye West "Doing Fine" After Health Scare

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Kanye West had a bit of a health scare while touring in Australia on Wednesday.

The rapper was rushed to the emergency room at Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Melbourne for a migraine that developed after a basketball game and just hours before he was supposed to perform.

Kanye was given an emergency MRI scan, but wasn't admitted and was back on stage that night in Melbourne.

It must not have been too serious, contrary to what was reported by a bystander, Lorraine Terry. She may have misconstrued some facts gathered from eavesdropping, though.

The woman, who was there with someone else, said that she thought she heard Kanye West's doctors say that they think he had a seizure.

However, a source told US Weekly that it wasn't that serious.

"Kanye just had a headache and wanted to be extra clear for his show," the source said. "It wasn't seizures or anything like that."

A rep for Kanye confirmed that he wasn't dying.

"He's fine," a rep for the rapper told ET. "I just spoke to him."

He was out and ready for his Yeezus show date at the Rod Laver Arena fairly quickly. Glad he was able to make that date and not disappoint his fans!

Kanye West has been in Australia with his wife, Kim Kardashian, and their daughter, North West. He will wrap up his time in Australia in Brisbane on September 15th.

Kim Kardashian's Instagram activity didn't even slow down during the time Kanye West was in the hospital, so she must not have been too worried.

Good luck to Kanye West as he continues to get better. Hopefully, a migraine won't strike again. If you've ever had one, you know there's no way he'd be able to even get out of bed, much less wow his fans at a show.

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