Kanye West Debuts New Video, Starring Kim K

    November 19, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Kanye West debuted his new video for “Bound 2″ today on “Ellen” to very mixed reviews.

The video features rolling landscapes cut with a wind-blown Kim, looking very shiny and not wearing much. The couple makes out on a motorcycle against the backbeat of the song, which some say is worse than the video.

West has taken a lot of criticism in the past year or so for his relationship with the most popular Kardashian sister, partly because she’s been branded as a “Yoko” who somehow stole his talent away like a succubus. The reviews of his latest album, “Yeezus”, have been pretty mixed, but it definitely did not exceed expectations. The couple have been the focus of the media quite a bit lately because of their seemingly hypocritical relationship with the press: they don’t want to be constantly photographed, especially when they have daughter North with them, yet Kim is one of the most highly photographed people in the country and shares every moment of her life on reality television (then there was the proposal, for which he rented out AT&T Park Stadium).

  • Reality

    Kim Kardashian is not an ugly woman. Those that think she is are only fooling themselves. However, she isn’t the nicest of people and faked a whole wedding. I find that to be horrible. I mean – really think about how that makes a mockery of love and a sacred institution.

    Kanye West is not very talented. I don’t care what people think. Rappers simply are not very talented and there are thousands more than can do exactly what the stars are doing. Mozart had talent. Picasso had talent. Orwell had talent. DiCaprio has talent. Hanks has talent. Gaga has talent. Rappers – not so much. The only rapper I have ever seen that had amazing talent is Will Smith. Of course, Smith was also smart enough to be accepted by MIT.

    However, both are successful in America. The reason is that in America you really don’t have to have talent. If you are a woman, you can literally have a nice face and a nice body and make millions. You just need a little luck. Heck, Courtney Stodden literally has no talent. She just married someone famous and used her looks and she is now worth more than most Americans. What is the common thread —- sex sells in america. Kim is about sex. Rap is about sex. Stodden is about sex. This video is about sex. For all its prudish exterior and selective morality, the reality is America is all about sex.

    • http://webpronews Painful Truth

      How bias? I do not care for the video, but I can not say that “all” rap is distasteful…There is some talented rap artist, some that get no radio play. Probably, because you can not relate to the lyrics or the lifestyle, you call all rappers talentless??? As a woman in my 40s, with two masters degrees, I find some rap artists with talent; but of course, not any of the new rappers. Look at Ice Cube, Tupac, KRS-One, Public Enemy, and many more. These are artists that have done more beyond the rap scene, and of course, the mainstream, don’t want to tell you the positivity that rap artists are involved in, just the negative….Ice Cube came from the Ghetto, formed a gangsta rap group (with relevant, hardcore, street knowledge lyrics, that appealed to me and many others), and he has moved on to produce many top selling films. All the people you mentioned above that have good art, is “junk” to me, but I will not say that it doesn’t mean anything to anyone else. Who pays a lot of money, or want to see something throwed up as abstract? This means nothing to the world, sorry, but a picture means absolutely nothing, to me, but to those that love it, Oh well. What you have to realize, is that those that control the media, dictates what gets played and not played, and not the rap artist themselves. If they want positive rap out there, they will put it out there.

  • meaux mcdonald

    I give them until Christmas. He is too overbearing, intolerant and impulsive to be part of a “union”.

    i was embarassed to watch that self-exploiting ass shuffle by Kim, while West always looks close to blowing a gasket. She’s tied to that family, and will never bow to living in Europe away from them.

    It is amazing how far a great ass will get you, though.