Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel Are Having an Incredible Twitter Feud, So Let’s Explore It

    September 27, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Ok, there’s a lot to get through so I’ll jump right into it. You may have heard that Kanye West unleashed an all-caps Twitter tirade against late night host Jimmy Kimmel last night. Here’s everything you need to know for your watercooler discussions, presented with no bias because #1, Jimmy Kimmel is a likable guy and trying to dissect comedy always leaves it weird-looking and unpalatable. And also, because HURRY UP WITH MY DAMN CROISSANT.

Kanye West recently gave an interview to BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe. It’s long, but you can watch it all below.

You can always count on Kanye to say some interesting things, and in that interview he, well, said some interesting things. Jimmy Kimmel picked up on this and aired a short sketch featuring a little kid reciting, verbatim, Kanye quotes from the interview.

The next day, Kanye just went off on Twitter. I mean, he all-caps attacked Jimmy Kimmel in all the right places. He also created possibly the best hashtag of all time, #NoDisrespectToBenAffleck.

The two even talked on the phone, mid Twitter rage.

Kanye memed it up a bit…

And with that, Kanye was done for the night. Kimmel responded on Twitter:

Kimmel swore it wasn’t a prank…

Kimmel also addressed the controversy on his show Thursday night. He’s finally in a rap feud – just what he’s always wanted!

Kanye broke his Twitter silence about and hour ago, tweeting out a link to a Slate article by Forrest Wickman titled “Kanye West Is Right: Jimmy Kimmel’s Sketch Was Ignorant and Stupid.”

In the article, Wickman has this to say in conclusion:

But the real problem here isn’t Kanye, it’s Kimmel. If you don’t know the fashion world, then you shouldn’t try to tell Kanye West, who’s rubbed elbows with many of the biggest fashion designers in the world, about fashion. More importantly, if you’re a 45-year-old white dude who apparently doesn’t understand a thing about pop music, you shouldn’t try to tell one of the biggest hip-hop artists in the world about hip-hop.

Let’s just say that there are a lot of comments on that article.

Kanye then began to tweet again:

As of right now, Kimmel has the last laugh:

My head hurts. I think I’m just going to put on my headphones and queue up Yeezus on Spotify. It’s a f*cking great album.

  • Scott

    It’s the ‘Gay Fish’ thing all over again. Life imitates South Park.

  • Rickey

    Everyone goes to the Bathroom too; “does that mean that they’re all qualified to design working Toilets?” Kanye lost me when he jumped onstage and took a special moment out of Taylor Swift’s Life when she won an award that he thought should go to Beyonce instead. He talks rubbish about Justin Timberlake working with Jay-z but cry’s when anyone makes a bit of fun at his expense? Grow up Kanye, and take care of your new family and be happy people even talk about you.

  • Melissa

    Kayne I cannot believe that u pulled out the white trick! That was absurd and u know that ur daughter North is half white, so why would u even go there when one day shes going to read that and then ask u questions about her race and what u said about white folks! Jimmy Kimmel is a great comedian and u have even done worse things to other people!!!!!!!!!!!I love u n ur family especially ur wifes family! But u need to be the adult here and stop with the nonsence!!!

  • judy

    Kanye is way too full of himself.

  • judy

    This guy talks in so many circles he convinces himself of the bullshit he is saying. Beyond annoying. Being a rockstar is like being cool. Either you are or you aren’t. Saying you are a rockstar is beyond conceited. His music is good but when he talks it ruins it for me. He is “so frustrated”, so angry, what the F. What is he bitching about constantly??????????? He’s full of crap!!!!!!!!!