Kanye Booed At Bonnaroo, Crowd Chants ‘F**k Kanye’

    June 16, 2014
    Val Powell
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Kanye West headlined Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on Friday night. He came on 10 minutes after his scheduled 10 pm set. He performed a combination of his hits and a few songs from his 2013 album entitled Yeezus. He wrapped up his set with the song Blood on the Leaves after 90 minutes, which was 20 minutes short of his supposed set time.

At one point during his performance, West stopped and shouted “Where the press at? Where the press at? F**k the press!”

In the middle of his set, West started yelling “I am the No. 1 muthaf**kin rock star on the planet!” and compared himself to music greats including Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and John Lennon, which garnered boos from the audience of 90,000.

West continued his speech and said that he doesn’t need hit songs or radio airplay, as he is not competing with other living artists, and he is looking to be a timeless cultural icon. “I ain’t going after nobody on the radio. I’m going after Shakespeare. I’m going after Walt Disney. I’m going after Howard Hughes. I’m going after Genghis Kahn. I’m going after Henry Ford…,” he babbled.

West was accompanied by his wife Kim Kardashian. She was watching from the soundboard in white pants and high heels, while occasionally singing along with her husband.

The boos lasted the rest of West’s set, and many said on Twitter that he was booed off stage. Many of the festivalgoers started to move away from the stage and the crowd began chanting “F**k Kanye!”

Written a fence at the event, was a spray-painted message to West that read, “Dear Kanye, Kim gave a better performance.”

Festivalgoers are typically happy to welcome musical acts and artists in the spirit of the festival’s motto, which is “Radiate Positivity.” However, West didn’t receive positivity from the audience that night.

Kanye West: ‘Blood On The Leaves’ (Explicit)

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  • gene hendrickson

    Could not have happened to a better,and I use the term loosley, person. If that’s music I would rather listen to a bunch of howling cats!!

    • sarge311

      Hey, don’t insult cats! They have more class, intelligence and decency than that low class, ghetto thug POS!

      • gene hendrickson

        I am sorry I insulted the kittys. Thanks for pointing out the error.

        • Sherrie Brown

          Yeah, ya accidental-jerk, next time remember that kitties are good for something! They can catch mice, make you feel loved, snuggle up and keep you warm, etc, etc, etc… I can’t think of a reason Kanye’s around…

    • Matt Carpenter

      Hey now, the guy might be a loony, but he can definitely rap.

  • buffalogirl

    kanye west is clown shoes. who gives a crap what he says or thinks?

  • Sherrie Brown

    HILARIOUS. I’ve always despised Kanye because while he’s mediocre/semi-talented, his ego KILLS his talent and just makes him look like an arrogant asshat.

  • Susan Klaslo

    Full of himself,just like his wife.