Kandi Burruss Wedding Clip Reveals Pre-Nup Fight with Todd Tucker

    June 21, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Kandi Burruss’ wedding special has received highly lauded reviews. The special, which chronicles the events that led up to Burruss’ wedding on April 4 has definitely been a fan favorite!

According to US Weekly, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s ratings have already been through-the-roof, but media outlets project that the show’s viewership may peak when the wedding airs Sunday night.

But why? Well, it has everything to do with Burruss’ proposed pre-nuptial agreement for her new hubby, Todd Tucker. Several media outlets reported that Tucker was quite displeased with the terms of the agreement and refused to sign it.

Of course, that didn’t go over well with Burruss’ mother, Mama Joyce. However, Burruss also seemed a bit miffed by her now-husband’s disapproval and apprehension. The entire debacle reportedly caused the wedding to be delayed for several hours since Tucker refused to sign the papers.

Now, Bravo has released a sneak peek so fans can get a preview of the drama that’ll unfold on national television tomorrow night. Needless to say, things got pretty heated!

“You can’t be mad at me for dealing with my lawyer and he has concerns,” Tucker explained. “Is this s–t personal or is it just business?” he added. “How is it personal to say you get what you get and I get?” Kandi responded. Tucker went on to point out one of his main concerns. That’s when the argument began to escalate. “If we don’t work out, I have to get out of the damn house in 30 days? How do I  get out of the house in 30 days?”

“Todd can say whatever he wants about it not being about the money [being] why he doesn’t like the prenup,” Kandi said to the camera. “But meanwhile, his attorney is [the one] sending notes and all those notes are about money!”

Ironically, Burruss’ statement is exactly what her mother has been concerned about all along. Mama Joyce has verbally expressed that she feels her new son-in-law is an opportunist trying to get his hands on the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter’s money.

“So you think you should get some of my money?” Kandi asked Todd. “I don’t  want your f–king money … I don’t think there’s gonna be no wedding,” said Todd.

The drama of Kandi’s Wedding unfolds Sunday, June 22 at 8:00pm ET on Bravo!

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  • big byrd 7

    man I sorry but when we ask women to sign a pre nup they get all bent out of shape so if I was him I would not sign it

  • Neverland Randle

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  • donna

    This marriage is never gonna last. She isn’t pretty and she has a crazy mom no man is ever going to want her. I give it 2 years after they have a kid together.

  • Special Kay

    I like Kandi but why wouldn’t Todd and his attorney consider what is fair for both parties. Kandi has to consider the financial not exchanges would occur especially since she and her attorney has had all the time in the world to incorporate their financial terms. I hope it all works out in the long run… It may not, especially because of Joyce’s meddlesome and disrespectful ways. What continues to baffle me is why Kandi does not see who her mother really is. Everyone else sees it! She is in denial and thinks she handles the situation but really doesn’t. Poor Kandi and Todd.

  • timewillheal

    I read last week the marriage is already in trouble. Todd is traveling, for his job and he is never home. He is in LA working on RB Divas francise. Now that he married to Kandi, he probably will be working non stop. I sure his mom has given him her advice on how to handle Kandi and her Mom. Stay the hell away fom them as much as possible.

    • Special Kay

      Yes, you are probably right. It is never good to marry someone when there is so much opposition and tension. It will be drama as long as Kandi allows it. If Kandi doesn’t shut her mother’s behavior down, her marriage is sure to fail as Todd will eventually get tired of it and BOUNCE.

  • Linda Stewart-Riley

    Who cares they are already married, and have been for a couple of months. It is all old news.

  • Mrs. Respress

    Kandi I’m a little ashamed at you, who wouldn’t want their family to be alright after death. That’s why regular people take out insurance policies for their family to be straight when they pass on. That’s for Mother, Father, Husband and children to be well off. And not only that if he gets sick he have to go, that’s the reason people get married it’s in sickness and health. Wow, sound like if he get sick you will replace with somebody who’s not sick.

  • Denise Johnson

    he would be a fool to marry her; might as well flush his balls down the toilet!!