Kandi Burruss Shares Bikini Picture After Kenya Moore Slams Her Weight

    December 30, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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Although Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss may never admit it, she definitely feels a bit flustered by co-star Kenya Moore’s proverbial jabs at her weight.

However, she doesn’t necessarily have to give a verbal admission, as her actions are telling the story. Here’s the gist of it.

While last night’s new episode picked up where things left off last week with the ladies still visiting Savannah, GA, Moore’s comedic banter about Burruss’ weight didn’t begin there.

According to E! News, it actually started a couple weeks ago. On Dec. 22, the show featured the ladies checking into the bed and breakfast in Savannah. Upon arrival, Burruss made a deft beeline to claim the largest available suite.

Moore’s explanation for Burruss’ behavior was, of course, a low blow to her weight. “I don’t know what got into Kandi,” the model-actress said. “Maybe she smelled some Chick-fil-A or a burger upstairs.”

However, this wasn’t Moore’s first time blatantly insulting Burruss about her weight. In the Dec. 15 episode, Moore said that Burruss could “skip a few meals” when the ladies stopped at Chic-fil-A.

So, it appears she wanted to make an indirect response to her statements with her recent Instagram posts.

While on Christmas vacation, the Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter took to Instagram with a bikini picture flaunting her curves. The picture, which was posted on Christmas day, shows Burruss and her daughter Riley on the beach.

The caption next to the picture read, “Yesterday at the beach! @rileyburruss @kpt__#FunInTheSun”.

Although the picture looks like a totally innocent captured moment between Burruss and her daughter, it isn’t the first image the “Fly Above” singer has posted showing off her curves. On Dec. 19, there was yet another Instagram picture that was posted.

That picture was a direct response to Moore’s jabs. Following Burruss’ Wednesday night web show Kandi Koated Nights,  she posted a full body image after receiving a number of questions in regards to her feelings toward Moore’s statements.

The Instagram picture was posted with a caption that stated her response.

It read, “Last night on the chat box for #KKN people wanted me to say how I felt about what @kenyamoore said on last week’s episode of #RHOA…. Well she says I need to miss a few meals but I say Im fabulous! Gone wit the wind fabulous, Gone wit the wind fabulous…. (In my @kenyamoore voice) LMAO! #IDontCareWhatSheSays #YesMyThighsAreBigSoWhat #IWillLoveHerAnyway #ILoveMe #IRepresentTheCurvyGirls #NoImNotASize2 #IwillGoOnADietAfterTheHolidaysButForNowIWillJustBeHappyAsIAm”.

Although it’s obvious Moore may have gotten under her skin, it doesn’t look as though her level of confidence has been sacrificed. Does it?

Image via Facebook | Kandi Burruss



  • linda

    Kenya says mean things because she wants the attention. It is too bad Kandi felt it necessary to acknowledge her. Maybe if the whole cast ignores Kenya she will go away!

  • http://twellow vee

    Kandi got a man who loves those curves what about Kenya

  • Samahlia

    People like Kenya have to put other people down for them to look superior. Kenya is always looking at other people flaws because her self esteem is low. You know Kenya is cra-cra when she have to get on national TV and beg a man to marry her and pretend to be her boyfriend. If she was all of what she say she is she would have men falling at her feet.

  • Mary

    Kandi has a real woman’s body … unlike Kenya who looks like she’s pumped up to half man/half woman …
    So take that Kenya and twirl girl .. twirl!

  • http://www.thecareermag.com Stephanie C. Harper

    Kandi has on a great shaper… I want one!

  • http://yahoo.com D. Bafford-Cabrera

    Kenya More has “no class” “no man” “no Talent” and “no Money”…Kandi has all of the latter and Kenya Moore is so jealousy with envy it shows all over her pound of makeup face. She has about as much talent as a broken”BRICK”

  • AJR

    Kandi has everything that Kenya wants; a great personality, money, intelligence, class, talent, a career, a great body, a loving mother and a man. Kenya has none of that. If Kenya were so great, where is her Nigerian lover. He is another Walter, non existent. But Kenya has a lot of traits than Kandi does not have, a nasty attitude, a thug attitude, a loud mouth, a girl who craves attention, a California raisin looking face and the IQ of a dead tree stump.

    • Ann

      So Kenya can’t say what she feel without being labeled as wanting everything Kandi has? That is so stupid to say and you are full of it.

      “Kandi has everything that Kenya wants; a great personality, money, intelligence, class, talent, a career, a great body, a loving mother and a man”

      Did you just say Kandi has class? LOl, really
      Great body? Lol, again. She’s short, fat, and has those knocked knees, and can’t dress for nothing.
      A man: this is so stupid to say. People and especially women need to get off this nonsense. Every time a woman who is single say something about a women who has a man or is married is labeled as wanting a man like the other woman. I bet you are a black person. Do you really think Kenya can’t get a man?
      Lets not forget that while ago Kandi was with AJ and also had a baby out of wedlock.
      Yes she has money, talent and a career.

      • AJR

        Nice try Ann. How much did Kenya pay you? She does have class and a great looking figure. Did you see that whoorish costume Kenya wore to Nene’s charity event last year? Her breasts were having conversations with her belly button. She has no man and probably never will with that attitude, unless she joins a gang. Btw, I am not black. I am not going to comment on Kandi’s choice of men. Sounds like your are jealous as well.

  • Heather

    Kenya is classless & just a mean girl! Kandi is beautiful with a gorgeous shape…a REAL woman! The best thing Kandi can do is NOT give anymore attention to trash talk that is spoken by trash…..

  • Ann

    First of all to those haters and delusional people that are probably as thick or fat at Kandi, Kenya was right. Kandi needs to lose weight. And for those saying Kenya is classless are just full of it. All the ladies on the show say mean things about each other all the time but when Kenya says something be that its right or wrong, people have so much to say. Let Nene say something means about the other women and people would agree. Nene just said something offensive to Cynthia about how she is raising her daughter but I bet you people think its right when clearly Nene can’t talk about any raising kids because her oldest son Bryce is a loser. He has done nothing in life positive.

  • Sami

    I totally agree with everything Ann says. Kandi should lose 50 lbs. at least and tone up. A breast lift wouldn’t hurt either considering the tops she enjoys wearing. What does being in a relationship have to do with being responsible for YOUR health?

  • PTZ

    Kenya can’t afford to criticize ANYBODY–especially Kandi. Kenya is not even in Kandi’s league. Kandi is pretty, shapely (at any weight), talented, smart, feminine, classy, an awesome business woman, confident, and has a great personality. She also has a sweet, well-adjusted daughter, and a man who loves her. Kandi is everything Kenya is not and has everything Kenya wishes she had. I used to hold Kenya in high esteem before she joined RHOA. I was totally surprised to see who she really is.

  • Thomas

    I want to throw-up every time I have to look at Kenya Moore. She is a mindless, selfish and hateful woman. She is ugly too the core. She is nothing but pretense. Miss USA had very slim pickings the year she won the title if this woman was crowned the winner. There is nothing I like about her, and no man will be with her very long because she does not live in the real world. She is important in her mind only. Kandi is beautiful and talented. Kenya is a wanna be who never will be relevant.

  • Janet

    Kandi is a real woman. Got it going on.

  • http://Facebook Janice Washington

    Kenya need not talk, she needs total skin treatment for her
    Face . Every time you see her the holes in the face seem deep mark or very indent.

  • http://Yourblackworld.com Weslin Woods

    Kandi is fine!!! Didn’t know she had it like that. So the jealous hearted needs to keep their bad comments to themselves.