Kandi Burruss May Have Trouble In Paradise

By: Emily Greene - November 4, 2013

Real Housewives fans were happy to have their Atlanta ladies back.

On Sunday, Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered, giving just a glimpse of what has been happening since last we saw the ladies.

One surprise for many, including RHOA star Kandi Burruss, is the rumor her fiance, Todd Tucker, has been cheating. In a trailer for Season 6, Burruss’ mother, Mama Joyce, informs her that she heard rumors that Tucker has been out and about, cheating on Burruss.

In the video below, around the 1:30 mark, you see Mama Joyce broach the subject of the cheating rumors. She tells both Tucker and Burress that she’s heard he’s been stepping out with Burruss’ friend Carmen.

Now it’s a well-known fact that Mama Joyce is not a fan of Tucker, and she believes he is only with Burruss for personal gain. Burruss has tried and tried to convince her mother otherwise, but Mama Joyce still believes he isn’t worth Burruss’ time.

Burruss’ response to her mother’s allegations of Tucker being an opportunist, “I wrote ‘No Scrubs’.'” (Burruss is the famous writer of the hit TLC song.)

But is there any truth to the rumor? Burruss’ RHOA costar, Cynthia Bailey, believes it could just be other women wanting what Burruss has. “I think that when you are a successful woman and you have a lot going on, other women are attracted to your man. They’re like, ‘If you want him, maybe I should want him. It’s just the way it is. It’s only a matter of time before there are rumors that get out that say, ‘Oh, so and so said that she was with your man. We all go through that,” said Bailey.

Bailey also believes Burruss should talk it out with Tucker before making any rash decisions. Bailey said, “The best advice I can give to Kandi and to anyone who has been phased with cheating rumors — because I’ve certainly been the victim of it as well — is to just ask the questions. Ask your man what’s going on and just kind of move on.”

And in this world of social media and everyone seeking their 15 minutes of fame, it may be a bit hard to believe that Tucker is cheating on Burruss. Added Bailey, “That’s the beauty of social media: I would get that tweet in two seconds, so it’s kind of hard for these guys to really stray. Because usually the girls that would stray with a married man, or a committed man, they’re going to tell somebody.”

So maybe, just maybe, this is just a rumor. Only time will tell.

If you missed the Season 6 premiere, you can watch it online at www.bravotv.com.

[Image via Todd Tucker’s Instagram.]

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  • johnnie

    Kandi always seems to like guys that has a job but not as successful as she is and I can understand where her mom is coming from because when you have money and the guy doesn’t have any he is or will be after yours, just when you think you know someone they will surprise the hell out of you so be careful Ms. Kandi, your mom might be right and don’t rush into marriage.

  • Joan

    I think Momma Joyce is the problem, she wants Kandi to be alone so she can control her free time.

  • Henry

    I have never seen so many typos in a news story. Do you read these stories before hitting publish? It looks like you can’t spell and have no understanding of English grammar.

    • Roxanne

      Henry, maybe it is Kandi herself who wrote it. Her use of the English language is deplorable. Being a successful business woman I wish she would speak like one.

  • http://yahoo kathy lane

    Just be sure Todd signs an iron clad pre-nuptial agreement. I still think Nene only married the ponderous Greg to have a show of her own, so maybe this is just a way to enlarge Kandi’s “story” on the show, just like the “Dream of Nene” series. Just cray.

  • Beverly

    That mother needs to sit down somewhere and stay out of Kandi’s love life. I understand where her mother I coming from but she finds fault with every man Kandi is interested in. This guy seems to care about Kandi and seems to be a decent guy. Kandi’s mother is always hanging around her and her friends as if she is their age. She needs to get herself a man and let Kandi live her life. If Todd is a rat, Kandi is not stupid and she will figure it out.

  • justthefacts maam

    I actually AGREE with Momma Joyce! I think he is an opportunist as well. NeNe asked Greg to sign a prenup – he fought it but he did eventually. Momma Joyce asked him if he would sign one and he said, “I am not signing nothing”. If you have no foul intentions then signing would be no problem.

    Also moms want nothing but the best for their daughters. When they see something in a guy that rubs them the wrong way it is usually because something is foul in the camp. Think about your own life and how many times your mom noticed something off about the guy you dated and she ended up right.

    • http://noneofyourbiznass.com Quagmire

      Mizz Joyce (has she come out of the closet yet? No? Well, it’s coming) just wants her daughter to be alone, bitter, hateful, and eventually, “switch teams,” just like she has.

      Ever notice how when the woman even “thinks” (used very loosely) she has more money, they throw the pre-nup in his face on the 1st date, but when the roles are reversed, they throw a fit because you “insulted” them. Puh-leeze.

      Anyone who can’t see through “Mamma” Joyce’s BS (and all women’s for that matter) deserve exactly whatever happens to their wallets. Class dismissed.

  • daniel covert

    man dose she have a big mouth and ass, wow 100% all black woman with all that big fat legs too. should be nice and skinny

  • Cheryl

    If the rumours are true, then my heart breaks for Kandi. The woman is something else. A fabulous talent and a heart of gold.The only thing she wants is the same thing we all do. To be loved. I hope its not true, because he seems real, but who knows except them. Even if it is and this all blows up, bet on her that she’ll somehow come back even stronger and better. Thats who she is. You go girl. I hope its all good for you and your family. Mama Joyce is just being a mom looking out for her baby.

  • deb

    mama joyce needs to get her some business and let kandi make her own decisions and mistakes, she only happy when kandi is by herself and that is sad that she would act like that with her own daughter,!!!

    • heartfelt

      I agree. Kandi needs to stand up to Mama Joyce in a respectful way and stop crying so much. When her mom start seeing that she is not getting under Kandi skin, she will have a change of heart. I really believe Mama Joyce thinks that Kandi will cut her off financially if she marries Todd and take away her time to hang out with her. Also, she was very wrong when she criticized Kandi’s ring, she needs to be more supportive of Kandi. How would she feel if Kandi cut all ties with her financially. Noooo! She wouldn’t want that. Ha! Ha!

  • Kay

    In the beginning Kandi’s mom liked Todd now that they are getting married something has changed. Mama Joyce loves her daughter like most mothers love their children. Sometimes we try hard to protect our children and we butt in where we should not. I agree with Cynthia that it is all rumor and that they all need to sit down an talk about it an keep their personal life private or she will get so much advice from others they might be unsure of the truth. Trust your gut. I hope it all works out for her because she deserves the best because she is a very beautiful person who treats others well until they cross her. God Bless Ms. Kandi

  • Barbara

    Kandis mother needs a man she makes me think she is jealous of her daughter, and why don’t she get her own place she is the moocher

  • bahiyah muhammad

    Anyone on a Reality Show is an Opportunist.so Momma Joyce you and everyone on there is somewhat of an opportunist. Nobody knew you before the show .Let your daughter make her own decisions. She isnt a teenager and dont talk so negative. As long as you keep talking if there is something about him thats wrong she wont see it

  • http://gmail Ebony

    Hi!I am Kandi Burruss’s #1 fan I love her to death! But i feel that kandi should most definently care about how her daughter riley feels about her being with this man,kandi needs to take into consideration her daughters feelings! It really seems like she doesnt care about how riley feels she only cares about if she’s happy.And if that’s how her thinks then kandi should never have been a mother.There is nothing wrong with being single,I dont understand why kandi feels that that is the worst thing in the world because it’s not.