Kandi Burruss Marries Todd Tucker; He Signed The Prenup

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On Sunday night’s finale of Kandi’s Wedding, Kandi Burruss finally tied the knot with fiancé Todd Tucker. The wedding almost didn’t happen because of a prenuptial agreement, which was finally signed by Tucker.

The wedding ceremony happened in April, but fans patiently waited for the finale to see all the drama that happened backstage.

During the wedding rehearsal, Tucker stormed out because he thought the prenuptial agreement was unfair. One of the conditions in the agreement stated that in the event of their separation, Tucker would have to leave Burruss’ home in 30 days. “This prenup is some bu*****,” he said.

Kandi Burruss talks about the prenup

Joyce, the bride’s mother, also expressed her disapproval of Kandi marrying Tucker. “He’s looking for a payday!” she said after Tucker refused to sign the prenup.

How she knew he was 'the one'

On Sunday’s episode, however, Tucker made up with Burruss. He agreed to sign the prenup with the help of one of the producers of the show. However, he only agreed to sign after some changes were made. Tucker gave up all his rights to community property and alimony. The clause regarding the 30-day rule was also changed. “I proved once and for all I’m in this relationship because I love Kandi, not because I want her money,” Tucker said.

Fortunately for Burruss and Tucker, Mama Joyce did not stop the wedding. “She didn’t really say nothing. She messed up a lot of pictures. But I feel as long as she didn’t start saying anything, I was okay,” Burruss said.

Mama Joyce also made a toast during the wedding and said “Todd, I hope you continue to make her happy as she is tonight.”

Tucker said the energy during the wedding “was bad,” however, the guests just ignored it. Now, three months after the wedding, Tucker said “we’re taking it day by day,” referring to his relationship with Mama Joyce.

Marital problems already? 

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