Kandi Burruss Dishes About Phaedra Parks Amid Her Husband Apollo Nida’s Jail Sentence

    July 14, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Kandi Burruss’ close friend and Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star, Phaedra Parks, is going through a lot these days.

On Tuesday, July 8, Parks’ husband Apollo Nida was sentenced to eight years in prison and five years probation for “for conspiring to commit mail, wire and bank fraud,” according to the States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia.

Several media outlets reported Parks was not in attendance for her husband’s sentencing. It has also been rumored that the two have not lived together for months. So, many fans have wondered how Parks is dealing with her husband’s highly publicized legal woes.

During a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Burruss revealed that surprisingly the high-profile celebrity attorney isn’t worried about Apollo Nida. The “Fly Above” singer shared a few details about her friend’s life, and why she doesn’t have time to focus on her reportedly estranged husband.

“Phaedra’s doing great,” Burruss confirmed. “She’s basically working. That’s how I deal with things too; when I have a lot going on, I just put more into work,” she explained.

The reality TV star confirmed that Parks is currently focusing her energy on the advancement and promotion of her book Secrets of the Southern Belle.

“I know that she’s promoting her book and doing the book tour and stuff like that and she’s not really trying to focus as much on what’s happening,” she said. Parks definitely has a schedule between work-related priorities, taping for the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta and raising their two boys – Ayden and Dylan. So that would justify her lack of concern for her husband, right?

Parks’ disappearing act for her husband’s sentencing has sent the rumor mill into high gear yet again. Now, rumors are circulating about the possibility of divorce. However, Nida hopes that Parks will stick by him during this difficult period in his life.

Back in May, the 37-year-old reality TV star spoke candidly about his wife with well-known local radio personality Wanda Smith on Atlanta’s V-103. Although he seemed hopeful, it’s obvious he’s uncertain about the future of their marriage.

“I think Phaedra, in a perfect world, should be supportive as a wife should be … But if she chooses to derail from the plan, then that’s what she chooses to do,” he said. “Whatever’s been thrown at me, I deal with it. I would like to say I would want her to stay around and do what a wife should do. But tomorrow’s not promised.”

Do you think their marriage survive Nida’s prison sentence? Fans will have to wait and see how things turn out for Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida.

Image via Kandi Burruss, Facebook

  • Corinne Kramer

    Apollo didn’t do what a husband “should do.” His expectations, and logic, are only suitable for his own agenda. No offense to Apollo or Phaedra, but his conversations alone tell everyone that he is not a healthy match for Phaedra. She will do well on her own, I have no doubts about it. ♥

  • Jericho

    Clearly Phaedra is making the right choice. Apollo will bring her down if she allows. She has two small kids to be concerned with. Not only is he not a good role model for his young sons but as a grown man he chooses to make thuggish, immature, stupid decisions without a second thought about how it effects his family. I don’t blame her for not supporting a criminal, husband or not!

    • nykety

      Phaedra knew what Apollo was doing . Even tho she has her own I’m sure she was enjoying what he was bringing in. No need to bail on him now. She knew how he was before they got married.

      • tanjia07

        Agreed she new all along. Quite as keep she was in all the time I believe it was all planed…

        • Darryl Sessoms

          tanjia07 you should really look into a GED program!!

          • Lynn

            Do you have yours???

        • craigdonahue

          It’s quiet as kept! not quite as keep! You need to go back to school instead of watching reality T.V.

          • AntiH8ters

            Why are you even reading the comments? I am sure the readers understood what she meant. Crawl back into your hole. What an A##shole or should I say Bigot. piss off!

          • Lynn

            I knew what she meant. This was totally uncalled for. Why do people attack people when it Is clear that it was an error? I agree Antih8r.

  • rosz1964

    I love Phaedra and Apollo, and would support both of them during this difficult season in their lives. Apollo is taking responsible for his action and his thoughtless consequences (he didn’t think about before). He is being optimistic and not trying to control Phaedra and his children’s future. And I admire him for his honesty and candidness. Everyone wished things were difference because we wanted to see them win as a couple/family. Its in God’s Hand, and Apollo realized that now. SO Apollo strike 2, you are indebted to a lot of people especially young intelligent African-American men. Please be an example, a positive role model that inmates can reclaim a good and Godly life by living & doing what is right/righteous and true.

    • Fozziedabear

      Excuse me, what honesty? Please show me where his honesty is? Initially when they filed charges against him, he kept on saying he was innocent. I hate this because people always assume people are color the general stereotypes we’ve all heard: thieves, lazy, murders, cheaters, etc. But it is what it is.

    • Don Farnsworth

      taking responsibility???? He has to, he got caught. If he was so honest he wouldn’t be resorting to crime to make a living. He’s married to a millionaire and he has to resort to crime to make money….just goes to show..you can take him outta the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of him…..he deserves everything he get’s…way to be a dad and be there for your kids Apollo…..anyone who justifies and excuses this mans actions should look in the mirror….and Phaedrra needs to drop him like it’s hot and moooooove on….


      WHAT??? This makes no sense. What in the world do you think is “difficult” and Apollo “taking responsibility for his actions”???? He broke the law, defrauded people and was caught and prosecuted. He is a criminal and did not take any responsibility for his actions, he was CAUGHT!!!!, The only reason that he is paying for his actions, is because he was CAUGHT!!, AGAIN!!!!!! AND IS GOING BACK TO PRISON !!!!! He was not honest or candid about anything!!! If he hand’t been caught, he would still be defrauding innocent people to pay for (this is a quote from the show, “I can spend 5,000 to 8,000 dollars at the strip club because it’s my money”). rosz1964, you seem like a sweet person, but my background is in criminal justice, and a repeated criminal is a criminal. If he had learned from his first incarceration I would have supported him, but he continued his criminal activity when he has two beautiful children that need their father, but he apparently thought that he was smarter than the law (FYI, law enforcement personal are much smarter than criminals, ” THAT’S WHY CRIMINALS ARE CAUGHT”)

  • Gidgetgirl1234

    Of course he wants her to stick to the “plan” even though he didn’t. If she decides to de-rail whose going to put money on his books?

    • rc

      Kenya of course! lol

      • Lynn

        Kenya is mental!

    • eyecandy

      Kenya mooreHoer..

  • melissa

    She needs to mind her own business and if tells anything to anyone it needs to be her own Mother! Love you Kandi but your Mom needs checked for her health and for yours! That is not a healthy relationship. On Phaedra, if you marry a criminal he might have to go to jail during the marriage…but that aint my business!

  • sayitloud

    Phaedra’ trophy husband was a loser from the start. She thought that somehow she could domesticate him by bringing him into to her world.
    There is a cautionary story here: Message to strong women; find someone on your level, don’t reach down for the low hanging fruit.

  • Laura

    Is Momma Joyce the new Kris Jenner of the RHOA? It’s looking more and more like it!

  • Mary G

    What does he mean “Do what a wife should do” What a pompous ass. He married a successful woman with money and then blames her because he was trying to keep up with her so he had to embezzle again. Lets call it what it is he is a thug and an opportunist and like most criminals blames everyone else for his wrongs in life. She doesn’t need him she is smart, successful and ambitious and will take care of her sons just fine without him.

    • amarachi

      though I believe in giving second chances which I think Pheadra had giving when she married appolo. I agree she does not need him in the kids nor her life,he can only do harm than good.why does black man always realize they need support from their wives after the big mess! Remember she isn’t ure mother.When u were disrespecting ure wife w/ ms. Zebra face u didn’t know u were a married man.

  • ugottabe kidding me

    one a jailbird always a jail bird…and now he’s back where his “pretty azz” feels comfortable, he will be back on his knees “servicing” his prison huzband, washing his clothes, cutting his toe nails, cooking his food, and being the best “bottom” on the tier…..

    • Holiday

      I really like all the ladies except Ms. Kenya & Cynthia she has been a back staber from the beginning. I have watched her a lot Cynthia.Ms. Kenya got in because she knew somebody.
      Ms. Joyce is playing her part for real. We understand her. We want the best for our children as well.
      Pradera south peach I love you girl, God got you.i understand the wee hour of the night.
      Ms. Joyce you are a true mother. Kandi continue to respect your mother. Please watch how you check your mom
      Apollo we will miss you a lot.
      Ne/Ne you my girl. Straight up a Georgia girl I like you for being straight up front.
      I have been so motivated by you girls except Kenya.
      Porsha. Keep it going so pride of you.

  • Cajun

    It is clear that Apollo doesn’t love Phaedra and never did. That sham of a marriage was clearly one of convenience on his part. For Phaedra, she got caught up like many other women thinking that they can change these type of men. Phaedra took advantage of an opportunity to use her position and success to lure a good looking man with not much to offer into a marriage and thinking he would be content. Furthermore, she knew what he was doing…maybe not the full extent of his criminal activity, but she was aware that he was doing something illegal. So as an attorney of course she’s estranged from him, because if she wasn’t she would be implicated in his crimes. Phaedra’s best bet is to move on from Apollo for it is clear that he is out for only himself.

  • ms anne

    once a criminal usually always a criminal! Apollo is a grown man and he knows right from wrong__he has a (oops-) had a good woman and two beautiful little boys- he f#$ted up! I think that he disrespected Phaedra and I bet if and when he finishes his jail time that Kendra will be waiting and willing to throw her legs up in the air for him!!!!

  • Doug Walshe

    Repeat Offender + Repeat Offender = Repeat Offender. Move on.

  • LON

    Phadera continue to do Phadera and take care of your babies…all else is IRRELEVANT:-)

  • LON

    Phaedra continue to do Phaedra and love on your babies:-) all else is IRRELEVANT!!!

  • Freddi BuBu

    Amazing how even an educated and intelligent black woman seems to gravitate towards these thug types…..

    • http://batman-news.com Just Me

      Just me….Apollo, how stupid could you be?, God gave you a second chance and with an adorable woman who is financially stable, HE blessed your dumb butt with 2 adorable boys, all you had to do was work (legally) and love your family putting God 1st…you did not care about anyone but yourself….it was apparent every time you opened your mouth…..I hope after your head is “bumped” this time…you sincerely learn something…..but I doubt it…you are just plain old STUPID…..Phadera, move on and get someone on your level…this is your opportunity to get rid of some “rotten” fruit!…..playa playa…you can’t do God’s children wrong….or the law….”dummy”

  • AntiH8ters

    Phaedra is going to wait until Apollo goes to jail and then she will serve him. Some people when backed into a corner, will do terrible things. Who’s to say that he decides to take them all (his self and family) to another life. Seriously! The best thing for her to do is what she is doing right now. She is far away from him…waiting. I did see the video that Angela Stanton put out there. CREEPY! If she had anything to do with what this woman has said she has, this is Karma. Either way, she is an Attorney and for the sake of her career and future, she has to cut ties period. I feel that this is not over, just the beginning. She is being made to appear in court to testify regarding Angela Stanton. This is no way over!

    • Lynn

      This is right on the money! Phaedra is so done! Who knows what he will do before he goes to prison? I saw the video too on you tube. She is very convincing. I like Phaedra, I hope she didn’t do that.

  • Lynn

    I really think that Phaedra is done. See ya Apollo!

  • baja_ahhh

    I like Phaedra, though we’re totally different. Whatever decisions she makes, I wish her all the best.