Kamambe Does Opera

    February 13, 2006

So, I just posted on Kamambe, Jason Schramm’s site that lets you customize Google’s tabs in Firefox.

Well, Kamambe now does its magic on Opera, and it lets you add other company’s search engines to Google pages.

How cool is this:

Yeah, you can now choose to display:

  • Web
  • Images
  • Groups
  • News
  • Froogle
  • Local
  • Scholar
  • BlogSearch
  • Video
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • A9
  • Ask
  • Amazon
  • Hide Entire Menu

You can choose between Opera and Firefox/Greasemonkey user scripts, or hit both buttons to customize both browsers at once. Can it get any better?

Well, yeah, if IE could do this. I’ve heard some things about Greasemonkey translations for IE. And even more buttons, although you can go in and edit the script syntax to add anything, like, say, Technorati, since its more flexible than it was a few days ago. I’m not the type of guy who customizes his browser with 800 extensions, but I’ll definitely go for a simple script that makes my most visited page a little more useful.

Oh, and Jason’s lying when he says there are 50% more features. Simple math says that when you have ten options, add four more and then double the platform, that’s a 180% increase.

I should also mention Matt Walters has been working on a new AJAX chat app. I like it because its AJAX, which means it doesn’t use a number of crap technologies that power chat apps I’ve used in the past. I’m hoping its standard enough for anybody to run without much effort when its done, assuming Matt releases it to gen pop. It doesn’t hurt that it runs the same in Opera as it does in any other browser.

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