Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Remembers Her ‘Gramps’, James Garner

    July 22, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, like the rest of us, is mourning the loss of her dear friend, James Garner, whom she affectionately called, “Gramps” or “Grampa Jim.”

The Big Bang Theory star posted several sweet notes on Instagram about the man she worked with on 8 Simple Rules.

“Well I woke up with a broken heart today. The world has lost a legend. James Garner was a gift to our business and an example of honesty and pure class. It was an honor to have worked beside him and receive his bear hugs every day. I love you gramps,” she posted along with a vintage photo of The Notebook star.

In the show, which ran from 2002-2005, Cuoco-Sweeting played Bridget Hennessy, the granddaughter of Garner’s character.

Garner died Sunday at the age of 86 from natural causes. He was found in his Brentwood home.

In another post she wrote, “This is all I can think about right now. Love you, Grampa Jim.”

And finally, she posted one of just the two of them with the caption, “I’m seriously the luckiest girl in the world getting to spend my time w the only and only Grampa Jim. We lost a good one.”

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting is not the only one to share their loss on social media. Sites were flooded with fond memories of the Maverick star.

Yes, Grampa Jim, you will be missed.

Image via Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Instagram

  • Floyd Howard Jr

    Thanks James Garner, you made the world a better place!

    • 24 Year Vet Who Is Tired Of It

      Yes, he made it a better place.

  • Stan


    • Guest

      McDougal666, I bet he thought the same of you, AH.

    • warren49

      McDougal666, you are way off base. We need more people of conviction like James Garner, not less. He wasn’t different after Rockford at all. He was the same for his entire life in terms of his beliefs, having helped organize the 1963 march on Washington. He was a liberal in the truest sense of the word, not in the bastardized version so often thrust at us by the right wing talibaners in what’s left of a once legitimate Republican party.

      • http://espn.go.com/mlb/ Bear Brinkman

        Let us know when you get 2 purple hearts ph uckwit then you can talk…

        • warren49

          I assume your comment is not aimed at me, as I am defending the man who received the 2 Purple Hearts, a liberal Democrat and supporting traditional liberal causes his entire life. That said, he never found the need to get into anyone’s face unless they decided to go there first….then look out, because he never hesitated to take action.

          • http://espn.go.com/mlb/ Bear Brinkman

            no warren it wasn’t it was aimed at the op

  • K9Intl

    james garner yes the woman trying to get her self on the news …..WHO??????

    • jenny

      Katey appeared in 8Simple Rules with John Ritter after his death, Mr. Garner and David Spade was brought in to replace Ritter. It was said that the cast was very close.

    • pjm

      Yes K9 your post is of an idiot that is trying to be heard… Pathetic!

    • 24 Year Vet Who Is Tired Of It


      • Guest


        • 24 Year Vet Who Is Tired Of It


          • Guest


          • 24 Year Vet Who Is Tired Of It

            Far from it.

    • a z

      She is a star in The Big Bang Theory, the number one comedy on television after seven seasons. So much for your big bust theory.

  • ajfkdem

    I loved his movies and tv shows. He will be missed.

  • Rain E Day

    she’s weird looking and has cellulite.

    • Larry1969

      Post a photo of yourself so we can all see what a true beauty is supposed to look like. As for cellulite, everyone has it, some more than others. I picture you as an ugly ass troll who is envious of those more attractive than you.

    • 24 Year Vet Who Is Tired Of It


      • Guest


        • Karen G. King sucks


        • 24 Year Vet Who Is Tired Of It


  • http://paulplumeri.com/ Mr. P

    Great Actor and a class act. RIP

  • Sir

    Always did James Garner Still watch Maverick on some Net station s

  • komendidbad

    “Rockfish” will be missed…

  • Tom Tucker

    Hope the trasharazzi leaves Jennifer alone for a few months as I am certain that this was unexpected and traumatizing to her.

    • Get It Right

      They’re not related. James Garner has two daughters…Kimberly (his step-daughter) and Greta (known as Gigi).

    • Babs

      Not even close to being funny, just stupid.

  • Larry T. Sloan

    We’ve lost a great actor, a proud vet and a truly wonderful person. So many movie and TV roles, all done with greatness. As always, I’ll watch the older movies as they are sooooo much better than current crap. Such a joy to watch. RIP Mr. Garner.

  • Jim Towne

    A star when movies were made that are now classis. Always remember him in The Great Escape! RIP

  • Dee

    Murphy’s Romance and Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood were my favorite movies. Oh and, of course, The Notebook.

  • Andy Soileau

    Class integrity talent -James garner in 3 words

  • Jim

    One of the all-time favorites. Very few of the so called “stars” of today could hold a candle to him. We will miss you Pete Aron !!! You certainly were the “Gran Prix”

  • L Victoria Reel

    I grew up in a time
    when the law that was supposed to help children and it didn’t, and I
    remember being under my bed at times or hiding in the woods to get away. And in
    those moments (for I watched the Rockford Files) I wished that James Garner was
    my father.
    That may sound cheesy now that I am in my later years in life. But
    those were the wishes of a child long ago and not forgotten as I have never
    forgotten him.
    I watched everything that had him in it. I was happy with my
    wishes then, and now, as I look back on that I wouldn’t have that memory any
    other way. He was a real gentleman.
    You never heard anything bad about him
    ever. James Garner: noun, proper name, gentleman. Webster’s Dictionary should
    rewrite the definition of gentleman in its proper form.

    • Leroy Smith

      Thank you for sharing that, I grew up in a troubled home and I would watch Television to escape, Rockford Files and James Garner was my favorites. I wished that he was protecting me. RIP Sir

      • L Victoria Reel

        Hi Leroy, I debated whether or not to post such a vulnerable part of my life but then it is James Garner that were talking about so I decided it was the right thing to do. I wish I had met the man, even though through his movies and lifetime it seems we already knew what a great man he was. And I know you understand where I’m coming from.

  • Edwin Cantor

    So……James Garner is William Shatner’s dad?

  • warren49

    James Garner. A class act in town so full of classlessness and poor taste. I was just a kid in the days of Maverick, but it became my favorite show. I was always elated when the week’s episode featured brother Bret Maverick. I enjoyed his movies through the 1960s and The Rockford Files remains, to this day, my all time favorite TV show. I watch it regularly on Netflix. I could not begin to guess the number of times I have viewed each episode. They are witty, funny, dramatic, full of action, intelligent, and most remain topical to this day. RIP to a man I never met, but who has always felt like friend.

  • Daniel

    I remember James Garner ripping around in that gold Pontiac Firebird on The Rockford Files and thinking how cool the man was. Then I saw him in “Murphy’s Romance” and knew that James was a brilliant actor. He was a natural, his acting was superb. I lost one of my heroes today. You will be missed terribly Mr. Garner.

  • Clarence

    I had three tacos today Jimmy. RIP.

  • JcStylin

    They don’t make them like James Garner anymore. A real man’s man who made acting look as effortless as breathing. Class act all the way. RIP sir

  • stephen

    A great life has ended and a great life has been celebrated. We all got lucky having a person like James Garner in our lives.

  • John Kugelfischer

    How do you call yourself a “journalist” when all you do is cut and past tweets from so-called “stars?”

    That’s not journalism, that’s plagiarism.

    And you SUCK as a journalist.

  • Garner Fan

    Years ago, I sat next to him in first class on a flight from LA to NYC. He was a very nice guy to talk to – extremely warm & friendly. I got a great education about how early TV shows were put together. At the end of the flight, we shook hands and wished other good luck. I have never forgotten that.