Kaley Cuoco: Do I Look Like Justin Bieber?

    August 10, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Kaley Cuoco got a major haircut back in June that shocked many of her fans. We had become accustomed to Penny’s long blonde locks on The Big Bang Theory.

Now, Kaley Cuoco reveals that she came really close to shaving it completely off in the name of reinventing herself.

Yep, that would have done it.

Kaley Cuoco said of her new look, “When I wrapped season seven of Big Bang a couple months ago, we cut it short that night. I haven’t had my hair cut in over 20 years. I was ready for a change — I felt like I needed to reinvent myself and that cut was awesome,”

Kaley Cuoco added, “And I kept seeing people cutting their hair shorter and shorter, and I thought, it’s only a few more inches, and I talked to my hair dresser and we cut it. I loved it, I didn’t want to stop. I am surprised I did not shave my head.”

The temptation to shave her head isn’t the only thing that Kaley Cuoco has to worry about with the new haircut. Now the Big Bang Theory star is concerned that she might look like none other than Justin Bieber.

“I was swishing my hair to the left so much, I was like, ‘Do I look like Justin Bieber?!'” Kaley Cuoco said. “[But] I feel liberated. It’s like I needed to find myself again.”

But, Kaley Cuoco isn’t one to let what others think get her down. She shared her secret to confidence,

“I’ve fallen victim to worrying about what everybody thinks,” Kaley Cuoco said. “It’s never going to be that everyone is happy. You just gotta know what you like and go with it.”

Good advice!

Congrats to Kaley Cuoco on her new contract to continue The Big Bang Theory for three more years!

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  • Calven

    Short hair on a woman is like lingerie on a man–it just NEVER looks good.

    • 54nakaD

      There are some women that can pull it off. Not many but a short list.

  • ellism66

    She would be smokin’ with a shaved head.

  • Joseph E. Bowker

    She looks GREAT in long or short hair. I think she looks like more fun with short hair. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool who taste is all in their mouths.

  • Diana

    nobody is worth that much for doing what they do, geesh! But I DO love that show! LOL so I guess I am as much to blame as anyone

  • Dan Gregory

    Uh no.Justine doesn’t have boobs.Well,she doesn’t seem to anyway,lmfao.

  • mike1963

    I’m a fan of long hair… but I think she is still GORGEOUS

  • Darkside97Michael Bushnell

    What an awful, self loathing thing to say!

  • Jason Waters

    Sorry, but short hair on women just isn’t sexy. She just aged herself 10 years by giving herself a Mom haircut. Why don’t you complete the look Kaley, get yourself some granny panties and a pair of jeans that zip up to your chest?

    • 54nakaD

      Granny panties? That would be hot. I happened to pass by some fitness mag with her on it and I was like Damn, I want some of that. I was never attracted to her with long hair. I think the short hair works for her. If she came to you naked with short hair you would not turn her away.

  • richv4340

    Reading about this woman is REALLY getting old. Maybe her publisist should dial it down a bit.