Kai-Fu Lee Court Saga Ends

    December 22, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Microsoft and Google have brought an end to their legal battles over Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, who has become famous for defecting to Google to helm their operations in China, and led to Microsoft suing to compel him to comply with his one-year non-compete agreement.

We’ll have to wait for word to start leaking out of the respective camps at Mountain View and Redmond, but for now Todd Bishop’s post about Microsoft’s statement at his Seattle P-I based Microsoft blog will have to suffice:

"Microsoft, Dr. Lee and Google have reached an agreement that settles their pending litigation. The Parties have entered into a private agreement that resolves all issues to their mutual satisfaction. The terms of the agreement are confidential and all parties have agreed to make no other statements to the media regarding it."

The companies and Lee were on the verge of going back to court in January, but further appearances won’t be necessary now. We learned a bit about Lee as his drama played out beginning on July 19, like his background in natural language and creating a world-beating Othello program in college.