Kabul Bombing on Friday Raises U.S. Death Toll

    December 27, 2013
    Aleyia Dixon
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Reuters tells us that a suicide bomb attack has killed three NATO military personnel Friday on the eastern outskirts of Kabul.

The car bomb struck a group of military cars traveling down a major highway destroying civilian cars and mangling surrounding establishments.

One American has been reported to be among the International Security Assistance Force members killed in the bombing, while the other two are reported to be Slovak servicemen.

This month alone, six American soldiers died in a helicopter crash in Zabul, and two more were killed in Afghanistan along with one British soldier.

The attack is believed to be related to the U.S. troops in the country as President Hamid Karzai has yet to make the decision with America regarding when they should leave. Despite urgings from his colleagues, Karzai does not want to make a final decision on the matter until after the United States meets his negotiation demands.

Concern for Afghanistan security and civilian aid is also a factor for when U.S. troops leave the country; the United States have promised to provide $16 billion in aid to Afghanistan, and it is generally believed that troop presence will be needed to sustain their program investments.

To date, the United States have already spent at least $88 billion on Afghan aid.

Some sources say that a Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the recent attack via twitter, but none have provided proof of the tweet as of yet.

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  • Ever Notice

    This America is what happens when a country does not want you in their country. We shouldn’t even be over there in the first place. None of the 9/11 hijackers were even from Afghanistan.

    I hate to tell everyone but we have been fighting for 13 years and nothing has changed. Bin Laden was dead long ago. Hell, he was treated in an American hospital for kidney problems before 9/11. The man was already dying. Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik even said as much. Look the man up. He held several distinguished positions under three different Presidents. The guy is not a quack. Unless, three different Presidents are in the business of hiring crazy people.

    No America, 9/11 was all about an excuse to go to war for oil, guns, and drugs. What are the three biggest industries in the world? Oil, guns (arms), and drugs. It was also an attempt to stop an impending recession. It only delayed it until 2008.

    It is time to stop this madness. It is time to bring ALL the troops home. You want to help the troops? Save their lives by bringing them home. To know this is the right thing to do, look at your life before 9/11 and after 9/11. Ask yourself after 13 years of fighting has anything changed? No. Has anything gotten better? No. Have things gotten worse? Yes. Do you even trust that your government told you the truth? No. After all, all you really saw with your own two eyes were planes going into the towers — the rest you were told by government officials. You have no idea who was really on those planes. Just like you have never seen pictures of a plane hitting the pentagon — you were told that as well. But alas, no video to substantiate anything at the Pentagon even though it is the most secure building in the world with hundreds of freaking cameras on it and around it. Does that make any logical sense to you?

    Face it America, everything you believe to be true about 9/11 you were told by the very same government that said they weren’t spying on you. You don’t know what is the truth or not. You are just trusting the people that have lied to you in the past.

    That is a pretty good indication that what we are doing is not going so well in this country and we need to stop the madness. Bring the troops home. Stop the madness. Save lives by stopping the madness.