JWoww, Snooki Take To Twitter About Spinoff Drama

    July 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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JWoww and Snooki, of “Jersey Shore” fame, are looking for a new place to crash for their spinoff show and are eyeing a home on Pelican Island, but residents are actively trying to keep the girls away.

Attorney Ron Gasirowski says he represents 12 families who live in the neighborhood where the home is located and will be looking into whether or not the house can be used for filming.

“This is in a residential zone and use of it is very restrictive,” Gasirowski said.“They didn’t disclose to anyone what they were doing there. People first became aware of this when they started to see trucks and equipment being delivered to the site.”

MTV may have to file for a filming permit in order to use that home, and even then it’s not guaranteed they’ll get it. City Council president James Byrnes said that the show–and Snooki–will be too much for the little town to handle.

“For her to bring her family and stay there is a great thing,” he said. “But the timing’s not right, and the commotion of just the show, what the show causes, is outrageous.”

Snooki responded on Twitter, saying, “Insult my son & fiancé, and I will go mama bear on your ass.”

JWoww says she just has to laugh at the commotion their little show has caused already.

“Laughing so hard over these reports @snooki … Who would’ve thought 2 girls can piss so many people off.”

But Snooki–who recently had a baby and has settled down immensely since her days on the reality show–says that residents have nothing to worry about.

  • http://twitter.com/x50shadesofcali Charlene

    I agree , people need to get over the jersey shore snooki and jwoww .
    Me being a huge fan of them both and the show you could see how much they have grown and became more lady like and more calm on tv . They need to chill out .

    • kim howell

      they didn’t have a problem when snooki and j wow showed up to raise money for hurricane sandy now all of sudden they have a problem with it how rude

  • Mary

    I agree with Pelican Island. Whether or not the girls mean to bring the drama, it follows them. Pregnant/mother/wife or not. I live in a peaceful community that is specifically zoned for residential use, I would like to keep it that way. I would not like to see cameras filming my hot sweaty July walk/runs!

    • Lonnette

      In all honesty nobody wants to film you-especially on a morning run. I get you have “concerns”, but what damage could 4 people and a baby cause. In fact you’ll have more people wanting to stay in this town after they leave. It’s sad that a family can’t go on vacation without 40 people protesting their arrival.

      • Crash Davis

        Like anyone is scared of Snooki going “mama bear”. Hey Snooki, your kid is a bastard and your “fiance” is a moron. And you’re a troll. I applaud Pelican Island ! Now..come go “mama bear” on me you stinkin pig.

        • Rosanna Marceau

          Alright, I don’t like Snooki anymore than the next guy, but I really hate that outdated and jerk-ish term, “bastard”. By definition, I am a bastard and so is my daughter but trust me, no one has ever said that to my face and if anyone ever does they will deeply regret it. It just shouldn’t even exist anymore. I was born and my parents separated at first, but then got married when I was 5 and have been together ever since. Now I am a single mother and I feel we have progressed past the point, as a society, to have a derogatory name for a child born out of wedlock. The majority of people now feel that marriage shouldn’t have to be a prerequisite to having a baby unless you want it to be. So, time to retire that stupid term.

          • Jolynn

            If your parents were seperated at birth but later got married, you are not considered a bastard… I submitted proof of marriage after my children were born – and they change the records to reflect that.

          • mike

            once a bastard, always a bastard.

        • Hmmm…

          Please. What kind of moron refers to a child as a bastard in the year 2013. He is just a kid. Let him alone. Sounds like you are just jealous .

      • dave

        It’s not the 4 people and a baby that is causing all the commotion. It is the baggage that comes with them. Pelican Island is a small QUIET town, and nobody wants the fans, and traffic that will flock to the area. Also, the area is still trying to rebuild after the storm.

      • Linda

        They are not wanting to vacation there! They are wanting to be slutty lil whores on yet another show. There bull shit money making skeems are enough to make me sick. The Island has more class aparently then these 2 idiots can show and Im sorry if they say no then respect it.

  • GinnieBastards

    JWOW is a low life, scum and her twat smells like rancid shit!

  • christian

    J wow is not wow at all!!! she is busted

  • gzillaz

    Good run but your 15 minutes are almost up. For a new generation of YouTube videos and honey boo boo have already taken your place.

  • vikinglion

    I don’t see why every city does this. I’d rather have Jehovah Witnesses in the neighborhood than these clowns. The only person I feel sorry for is Snooki’s son, he has to put up with all the BS.

  • Hmmm…

    Everyone needs to get over themselves, Snooki, JWow, and the town. This really is a stupid issue. On a daily basis, our rights are being taken away, yet America does nothing about it. Over a short woman who wears slippers and a woman with 36DD tits, townspeople hire lawyers and take to the streets. Unbelievable. Only in America. If our nation crumbles, we deserve it because we are a bunch of morons.