Justine Sacco: Yet Another Immature, Stupid, Racist Tweet

    December 21, 2013
    Val Powell
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Justine Sacco’s tweet on Friday was not just racist, but sadly very immature for someone who is supposed to be a “public relations professional”.

Sacco is PR director of corporate communication for IAC.  She sparked outrage in the social media world after she tweeted Friday, “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!’

The chief PR officer, who represents brands like OKCupid, Vimeo, Tinder, and ironically, Blackpeoplemeet.com is said to have made the tweet from London shortly before departing to South Africa. Apparently, she was unaware of the firestorm she created while on her 12-hour flight.

By the time she landed in Cape Town, her post had been retweeted about 3000 times. She then promptly deleted her entire Twitter account, but the damage was already done. Her employer later issued a statement that blasted her tweet as “outrageous” and “offensive”.

“This is an outrageous, offensive comment that does not reflect the views and values of IAC,” read the statement.  IAC, which is owned by Media tycoon Barry Diller, also said it had been unable to reach Sacco, “Unfortunately, the employee in question is unreachable on an international flight, but this is a very serious matter and we are taking appropriate action.”

One bitter Twitter user went as far as creating a domain name, justinesacco.com that links a coalition of charities that assist Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sacco is most likely to receive a hostile landing and stay in Africa. Her arrival in Africa was anticipated shortly after the tweet went viral, and made the #HasJustineLandedYet hashtag a popular trending topic.  One twitter user, @Zac_ R said he went to the airport just to see who Sacco was and take photos of her. Twitter user John Becker wrote in response: “’Are you even real?!? This is utterly ghastly on so many levels.”



This is not the first time Justine Sacco has made offensive tweets, thus removing the likelihood that her Twitter account was hacked.  In January 2013, she tweeted: “I can’t be fired for things I say while intoxicated right?”

You most certainly can: This tweet Sacco wrote in January may have been a self fulfilling prophecy

Another tweet she posted in February 2012 read: “I had a sex dream about an autistic kid last night.”

Images via Youtube and Twitter

  • Idiot

    What an idiot. Women are viewed as saints in this world that can do no wrong, but really half the women in America are drunks and just stupid.

    Stupid, delusional, and out of touch with reality — that is what an American woman is.

    • Ess

      Let’s not forget a) their male equivalents and b) that people like yourself are just as bad – prejudiced, backwards, sexist, and dangerously balanced on moral high grounds.

      It doesn’t mention America anywhere. She lives in London.

    • Taylor Schaffer

      Yes. We women have it so easy- what with the lesser pay, and male legislators insistence on taking away accessibility to female health options. Please tell me more about how, in our lovely patriarchal society we have it so good. I can’t wait!

  • jack

    Haha, theres someone that just wants to get fired.


  • Carlitos

    Terrible forma de pensar de esta mujer que aparentemente se cree superior por ser blanca. Pero más tremendo aún -y no he visto ningún comentario ni publicación al respecto- es que más de 1800 retuitearon su nefasto comentario y cerca de 800 (seguro fueron más) lo marcaron como favorito. Habría que despedir de sus trabajos a CADA UNO de ellos.