Justin Timberlake Has “Uncool” Second Half of 2013

    November 17, 2013
    Rachel Kolman
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Justin Timberlake started 2013 with a lot of promise. His first album since 2006, The 20/20 Experience, debuted at #1 and was hailed by critics. He had a comeback show with Jay Z on the eve of the Super Bowl, hosted a week-long stint on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon known as Timberweek – five nights of quality sketch comedy and viral videos – all leading up to the release of the biggest album of his career in March. He hosted SNL for the fifth time, sang for the president, even reunited with ‘N Sync on stage for the VMAs. The first seven months of 2013 were golden.

Then, Justin starred in Runner Runner, a flop of a movie that came out in early October. The film sparked a scathing article by Variety, telling the singer to give up on Hollywood or, to at least stick to cameo roles, like other musicians have successfully done. At the same time, part 2 of The 20/20 Experience was released to mediocre reviews, with Billboard saying that Timberlake he should have “left part 2 at home.” The mixed reviews shook Timberlake and left him angry. Even though he was named “Man of the Year” by GQ, Timberlake spends much of the magazine’s article griping about the bad reviews and admitting that he’s “not cut out for that sort of criticism.” He goes on to say that no, he doesn’t consider himself “cool,” citing that he’s too passionate to be “cool”:

Timberlake, who has been in the spotlight since he starred in the Mickey Mouse Club in 1993, has seen mostly favorable reviews in his 20 year career. However, could it be that after the long absence from the spotlight, we’ve seen too much Timberlake this year? Is there a threshold we’ve reached? Instead of making reaction videos urging Justin to return to music, it’s finally the time to tell him no? We want to love Timberlake, we really do, but we can’t love everything he touches.

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  • Music Fighter

    I think Justin Timberlake took the reviews hard. He has been in so many movies, like 10 of them. He is a good actor, better than some of his peers. JT should have watched what he told GQ that day. I think his split album is awesome. He is a good actor, just because “Runner, Runner” was written in a poor way or they didn’t enough when they made the movie, doesn’t necessarily make it Timberlake’s fault.

    When he applies himself he made “Friends with Benefits” into an awesome movie; if Hollywood Studios can’t see it and see his talent, they are being stupid. He just needs to pick better projects, instead of taking the fall for a bad movie, poorly written, or poorly made, and it is possible producers and directors and editors did a poor job not just with his part but other parts of the movie.

    • Nemesis

      I agree! I didn’t see the movie, but I’m sure he did his best because he’s a very talented man and he seems to be very passionate about everything he does. He shouldn’t be worried about the reviews.

  • Charmaine

    As fan I do agree when you say you can’t love everything that Timberlake touches…but I’m also not going to bash him for it and I don’t think anyone should. No one takes criticism well, he just decided to tell his side which is fair. He can voice his opinions just like those critics did. I would too if someone was bashing something I was passionate about. I don’t know what critics problems are with his second album is because I love it. I think I like more songs on that CD than I do part 1. I gave my part 1 CD to a friend so I could get the deluxe edition.
    This applies to everyone that you just can’t please everyone so don’t let it define you. But that doesn’t mean we are not going to affected somewhat by negative comments and celebs are no different.

  • Stephanie

    Honestly I love Justin Timberlake!! Music, comedy, movies etc.. I agree with the three other comments above, he can’t please everyone,and should not let those Negative Nancies get to him. I saw the movie “Runner, Runner” and it was pretty good to me. I did enjoy his acting as well as Ben Afflecks’. The movie just needed more action, in my opinion. His music on the other hand is fantastic!! I have enjoyed him every since the good ol’ N’SYNC days, I knew that he was going to transition to a huge star! Even though I almost lost my love for him for marrying JB (kind of joking), I didn’t..lol! I will support JT until he retire. I just want him to realize that everyone is not going to like him or his craft, and he shouldn’t let naysayers make him act out. But I do also understand his frustration as well because they are being negative towards his craft. JT will definitely be okay, he has MORE POSITIVE going on for him and that’s all that really matters!

  • Jade

    If Justin had an un-cool second half of the year I wanna have an un-cool life. You failed to mention that in September Justin recieved the MTV video vanguard award and put on the best award show performance of all time. His second album was #1 regardless of his critics. And also the critics love to knock someone down who seems to have it all. And of course Justin seems to have it all so why not hate on him for it. That’s what “critics” do critical sometimes to prove a point that isn’t worth proving… That we’re all HUMAN.

  • James Tyler

    If Justin goes Country, I’m going to start getting my male vocal needs from Tye James…