Justin Bieber Tour Bus Busted on the Border for Pot

    July 30, 2013
    Bennett Rieser
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Another day, another media tornado for Justin Bieber: a Canadian drug-sniffing canine discovered marijuana and paraphernalia for personal usage inside a Bieber tour bus on the border between Windsor and Michigan. This is not the first time for Bieber, nor the first time a celebrity was busted at this checkpoint.

The Detroit Free Press reports Customs and Border Protection as seizing the goods and issuing a civil penalty to the bus driver shortly before releasing the bus and its passengers. The incident is confirmed by Customs and Border Protection spokesman Ken Hammond.

Bieber was not on the bus at the time, and arrived to perform later that night.

This incident is the most recent in a series of bad moments in the saga of Justin Bieber. In April of this year, a Bieber bus was busted in Sweden also for marijuana. TMZ reported a Stockholm PD representative saying of the incident that a special narcotics unit was contacted by the officer. That unit issued a warrant to lawfully search the Bieber bus, discovering a small amount of ‘narcotics’ which local papers reported as being weed.

Slamming Bieber in some circles seems to have become popular, if not sporting, particularly when he offends the sensibilities of your local hockey team.

Just a couple weeks ago, TMZ debuted it’s horrendous cellphone footage of Justin Bieber urinating in a restaurant’s mop bucket. Some people were more offended by the swearing at the visage of Bill Clinton, but worry not; the Biebs had a response to that on Twitter, but only after he had a lovely phoned-in conversation with the former president, hopefully about how to handle world-shattering scandal:

If you consider yourself as one of Bieber’s fans, even you may be the target of such disdain! Just 4 days ago, Bieber stepped onto his balcony to greet them via an Instagram picture, only to later be photographed hocking a loogie down onto them. Just to warn you, those last pictures are rather gross.

For Justin Bieber, this will be a summer that his fans the internet will remember forever.

Article image courtesy goes to TMZ.

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      Selena is sweet. The Lohan girl is a problem.

    • Ashley

      If you’re homeless, how can you afford internet???

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    He is a thug and became one when he became famous. He is just white trash with money.

    He is not a little boy now and is becoming a bad role model.