Justin Bieber to the Big Screen?


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On Friday, Justin Bieber posted a picture on Instagram that spread like wildfire, sparking the curiosity of millions around the country. Standing in a mirror holding up a manuscript for the upcoming Warner Brothers' film “Batman vs. Superman,” Bieber captured a snapshot of the script with his iPhone. Then, if the picture alone didn't raise speculation, the caption which said, “#robin,” did the trick. So overall, the gist of the story is that Justin Bieber insinuated, without words, that he would be playing the role of Robin in the new “Batman vs. Superman” film.

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Hours prior to posting the Instagram picture, Bieber tweeted an evasive quote where he mentioned that he was off to 'do something funny or die.' However, it wasn't until hours later when the script picture popped up on Instagram that the tweet finally made sense.

Now, the question floating around is whether the script in the picture is authentic or not. While some sources claim the script is a fake, and Bieber only posted the picture to fuel rumors for publicity purposes, no concise answer has been given to explain it. So, here it is. According to USA Today, Justin Bieber is, indeed, reading for the part of Robin, which indicates that the script in the picture is authentic. However, no decisions has been finalized as to whether Bieber will play the role of Robin in the upcoming film.

“Batman vs. Superman” will be the sequel to “Man of Steel.” As of August, Ben Affleck will star in the film as Batman, while Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman. They are the only two actors that Warner Brothers' have officially announced to star in the film, which is tentatively set to be released July 17, 2015. So the avid 'Beliebers' will just have to wait and see what the final directorial decision will be.


Image via Wikimedia Commons