Justin Bieber Smiles in Mugshot After DUI Arrest


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When a celebrity gets arrested, it's only a matter of time before someone digs up the police report with all of the relevant information. The Miami Beach Police Department decided not to keep anyone interested in singer Justin Bieber's arrest waiting on pins and needles and posted everything to Twitter. Not only did the MBPD post a tweet announcing the arrest, the police department also posted Bieber's mugshot and police report.

The Miami Beach Police Department announced that Justin Bieber and Khalil Sharieff were arrested this morning after being caught drag racing. After pulling over Bieber, the officer noticed the smell of alcohol on the singer's breath and Bieber was eventually charged with DUI and resisting arrest.

Check out the MBPD's announcement of the arrest. You'll notice that the department also tagged their suspect.

The MBPD later released both Bieber and Sharieff's mugshots. Always one to flash his pearly whites, Bieber did not disappoint in his mugshot.

Sharieff, who is 19 and an R&B singer, didn't look as pleased with his arrest as Bieber did in his mugshot.

Bieber's arrest report is listed below. The report says that Bieber and Sharieff were racing each other in Lamborghinis and were traveling between 55 and 60 MPH in a 30 MPH residential area. The arresting officer says that when he began talking to Bieber he smelled alcohol on his breath and that he had "a look of stupor on his face." After refusing to follow the officer's orders at times, Bieber was arrested and transported to the police department where it was discovered that he was also driving with an expired license.

Justin Bieber's DUI arrest certainly isn't doing much to help him get the New Year off to the right start. This is his second run-in with the law in 2014. Just last week, it was announced that Bieber is being investigated for vandalism. His neighbor accused him of egging his house following an argument.

Image via Twitter