Justin Bieber Pirates Off The Internet, Just Like The Rest Of Us

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So, what do you do if you are a multimillionaire pop music idol and you want to watch Anderson Silva get KTFO'd, but you don't have the Pay-Per-View broadcast handy? Well, if you aren't a big money teenage dreamboat, you probably resort to things like Justin.tv and First Row Sports to get your fix. But, again, what if you are Justin Bieber, King of all things Twitter and teenage girls? How do you scratch that particular UFC itch?

Apparently the same damn way as the rest of us:

Spoken like a true child of the Internet age. What's that? You can't see the latest episode/game/movie that everyone is talking about on social media? Go ahead and pirate it, right? That's what all the cool kids are doing, right Justin? Anyway, as you can expect, such a tweet caught the eye of UFC boss, Dana White, who was quick to remind the Bieber King he could, in fact, afford to buy the package:

But who has time for that legal stuff when there are streams aplenty on the web? Justin Bieber certainly doesn't, because, much like the honey badger, Justin Bieber just don't care. It should be noted that Bieb's request came after the UFC event was over, and so, it's likely he was looking for some replay highlights of Silva clowning his way to his first loss in the UFC.

Whatever the case, after all the complaining the Universal Music Group has done about piracy, it would be nice for them to take their golden calf to task for perpetuating the same behavior.