Justin Bieber Passes Lady Gaga, Is the New King of Twitter

    January 22, 2013
    Josh Wolford

For over two years, Lady Gaga was the Queen of Twitter – in that she had the most followers of any user on the site. She was the first to 10 million, 20 million, 30 million…I think you get the point. Always lagging behind, in second place, was teen superstar Justin Bieber.

We told you yesterday that Bieber was gaining on Gaga, and fast. He was about 3,000 shy of her total at midday, but Gaga was holding him off.

Well, not anymore. It’s official. Justin Bieber is now the King of Twitter. As of right now, he’s around 4,000 followers ahead of Lady Gaga. Both stars have over 33.3 million followers.



On another note, it looks like Lady Gaga has yet to upload a new header photo for her Twitter profile. For shame, Gaga. Twitter has really been pushing the new header photo as of late. The new profiles went universal about a month ago.

But I digress. For the first time in over two years, Lady Gaga is not the most-followed person on Twitter. And just from my experience covering Twitter and seeing how rabid Justin Bieber fans can be, I doubt that she’ll retake the crown any time soon.