Justin Bieber: Did Obnoxious Act Justify Search?

By: Toni Matthews-El - January 15, 2014

One minute you’re a pretty boy singer with saggy pants just tossing eggs at your neighbor’s house. The next thing you know, the police are searching your home for proof….of an “egging”.

The bizarre scenario began a week ago when Justin Bieber was video-taped by his irate neighbors throwing eggs at their home. The a short while later the video footage was sent to TMZ.

In the 47 second video clip, the homeowner can be heard that he can “f**king see” Justin Bieber on his property. A person who admittedly sounds a lot like Bieber is responding that he has “another one”, a possible admission to trespassing and vandalism. The video isn’t the clearest and TMZ’s trademark doesn’t help, but the voice is definitely recognizable.

After the incident occurred, Bieber’s neighbors took pictures of the damage caused by the vandalism and claimed that his little stunt resulted in $20,000 worth of damage. A drop in the bucket of Bieber’s fortune, he had offered to pay for the damages.

But the story doesn’t end there.

The act of vandalism led to Los Angeles County law enforcement descending on the home with a search warrant. Eleven cop cars were at the scene of the search, where cops were hoping to find definite proof of Bieber’s actions.

During the search, an associate of the singer was arrested on drug-related charges. There’s no reports yet of drugs being linked to Bieber, but police say that though he was not detained for drugs, he’s not yet been cleared.

Not everyone approves of the show of police force. California-based criminal defense attorney David Wohl told FOX411 his opinion of the whole matter.

“Cops are going to extraordinarily lengths to try to prove what is a relatively minor crime. Rest assured if the average person has their house egged, cops will not respond with the felony warrants and a battering ram. This is a frankly embarrassing response by cops who appear to be hell bent on finally making something stick to this Teflon pop star.”

Was Justin Bieber’s behavior enough to justify such a raid? Opinion will likely be divided as Bieber’s behavior continues to baffle and annoy about as much as his singing.

Image via TMZ

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  • Paul

    While on one hand it does seem to be overkill, the reality is that JB is not a 12 year old kid, he is 20 years old and should not be doing stuff like this. Like it or not, he does have young fans who look up to him and this is a poor example to be setting.
    IMHO, he seems to act like he thinks he is above the law and that the rules shouldn’t apply to him.

    • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy d33zy

      Ooooo yeessss… Had the police not taken action the amount of House Egging “bekuz its the kool thing todo” would have went up a great %. Its allot idiots out there(kids w/ no parental training) that’ll see or hear about this and str8 up go do it… kuz dude did it. At least hearing that a Kick-Doe went down after the fact might detour them a bit.

  • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy d33zy

    I’m not shocked… for some reason. I mean.. he did spit on his fans, though he said he was just spitting into a bush below. #Shrugs

  • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy d33zy

    Dam.. just now watched the video on-top. I think the “lost my G-Card” white lady had it right… Lil Z(whatever) prolly did take the fall on the white-girl they found. Always funni to hear ppl say “Two-Pack” and not 2-Pac(Poc)

  • http://Yahoo Bernard

    Why does he have a house in the good old USA. He has stated he does not like America (evidence-he throws eggs at Americans homes). He is a little pretty boy that needs to leave. Throw eggs at my house and you will not be laughing. It is a terrorist attack and I will take care of business. I notice from the tone of the reporters voice, she thinks this is a joke. Was she waiting to be invited to his house for a couple of snorts?