Justin Bieber Charged With Vandalism


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Justin Bieber has been a bad boy lately and this time his antics have finally caught up with him. He recently visited Brazil for a performance and while he was there he decided to give the the former Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro a makeover. He was caught proudly spraying painting graffiti on the walls of the hotel. He even posed for the paparazzi after completely his artwork.

Beiber showed off his artwork on Instagram and even claimed to have permission to do the graffiti.

"Every place I have tagged has been approved I do not suggest tagging private property," he wrote on Wednesday, accompanied by a photo of him in front of his artwork. "I still suck but i have fun doing it ;)"

Bieber has called his graffiti his new hobby and his escape, but in Brazil it is a crime and he will have to pay a fine or serve time in jail. Although the city of Rio did give Beiber permission to do some graffiti art in the city, he was suppose to paint the Morro do Vidigal, located in the city's Olympic Village. Beiber and his gang chose to find a different place, the Hotel Nacional, which they did not have permission to graffiti.

Justin Bieber is currently on tour in South American and has had a hard time staying out of trouble during his travels. In addition to his recent graffiti crime, he was also caught exiting a brothel in Rio de Janeiro and was filmed sleeping beside an unknown woman, later identified as Tatiana Neves Barbosa.

Justin has agreed to pay a fine for his crime, but the amount has not yet been determined. He will continue to tour in South America and hopefully stay out of trouble.

Image from Instagram.