Justin Bieber Buys Funny or Die


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If you’re in the dark to exactly who Justin Bieber is, well you’re about to get very familiar with him as he’s purchased FunnyorDie.com and transformed it into Bieber or Die.

In the words of Mr. Bieber himself, “I’ve taken over Funny or Die. It’s mine – I bought it. Anything that’s not Bieber, Dies.” Check out the video below for an introduction from the new site owner (it sort of reminds me of Neil Patrick Harris' role in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle - I guess it's just the outlandish dialouge)

To bring the Bieberness into full effect, the site now has a totally Biebed out background featuring his trademark hair as well as several classic viral videos with Justin assuming the starring role…

Bieber After the Dentist (Original Video: David After the Dentist)

Dramatic Bieber (Original Video: Dramatic Chipmunk)

So, what do you think of Bieber or Die? Tell us.

(Before we get comments, we're aware this is an April Fools Joke)