Justice Department Asks Adobe For Macromedia Info

    July 11, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

With a $3.4 billion acquisition of Macromedia pending, the two companies have to provide more information to DOJ.

Approval for the deal from the Department of Justice will be delayed while the agency awaits more information from Adobe and Macromedia. The request focuses on products in the areas of Web authoring, design, and vector graphics illustration.

This is the second request from the DOJ for additional information on the acquisition. It extends the waiting period for Justice approval to 30 days after it receives the requested information. Both companies have stated they will comply with the request.

“Adobe and Macromedia are in the process of gathering information to respond promptly to the second request and continue to work closely with the Justice Department as it conducts its review,” the companies said in a statement.

Adobe has achieved near ubiquity on desktops worldwide, boasting an even greater presence than Microsoft Windows due to its product’s support of multiple operating systems.

“We are everywhere you look,” Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said in an interview last month. “Whether it’s a logo on a bottle label, an effect in a movie, a TV commercial, an image on a Web site, a layout in a newspaper or a picture in a magazine – there is a high probability that the content was touched by Adobe. We’ve had that kind of influence on society.”

One might wonder if the Department of Justice has made the same observations about Adobe, before making this latest request for information.

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