Just Turn The Damn Phone: New PSA Wants To Stop Vertical Video Syndrome

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We've all seen it, and it's just as painful every time. Not all of us are afflicted with the disease, but we all know someone who is. If you're tired of someone you know negatively affecting everyone with their illness, it may be time you show them this public service announcement and suggest that they get help.

It's called Vertical Video Syndrome, and it affects millions of the lazy, clueless, and moronic among us every day.

Vertical Video Syndrome (VVS) is when, for whatever reason, a person decides to shoot a video using their smartphone while holding it upright (vertical). The result is a horribly unnatural video that goes against every advance that humans have made in terms of filmmaking in the last century - as well as human anatomy. I mean, our eyes are like "O_O," not like "8."

This PSA, courtesy of Glove and Boots, shows us what can happen if amateur videographers continue to shoot in the vertical. First, YouTube will find a way to monetize our stupidity. Then a whole string of problems would result from vertical video being the norm. The future involving Mila Kunis and George Lucas makes me cringe.

Check it out below:

It's easy, guys. Just turn your phone horizontal. Do your part and save us all from new Star Wars movies.

Josh Wolford
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