Jurassic Park Scene Reenacted in New York


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For the past few weeks acting troupe Improv Everywhere (famous for the "no pants subway ride") has been releasing videos of people acting out movies in real life. This "Movies in Real Life" series has been spreading a bit of mirth and silliness among the populations of several U.S. cities.

The group began with the famous Rocky II run and the iconic opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. They have since followed up with characters and situations from The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, and Back to the Future.

This week's latest video is titled Jurassic Park in Real Life. Improv Everywhere was able to get hold of a replica Jurassic Park Jeep and drive it through the street of New York, asking pedestrians the way to Jurassic Park. In the jeep are actors portraying archaeologists Grant and Sattler, as well as mathematician Ian Malcolm. Eventually, they find what they are looking for:

In addition to the jeep, the troupe was able to get a 15-foot animatronic dinosaur and an actor with a white beard to play Hammond. Sure, the T-Rex might not fit the scene depicted in the park, but a dinosaur is likely harder to build than a paper mâché boulder.