Julie Newmar: 5 Reasons To Love The Original Catwoman

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Julie Newmar, the statuesque actress who first played Catwoman on the televised Batman series in the 60's, still has fans declaring their love of her to this day. Now 78, she says her fanmail mostly consists of letters from guys crediting her with the ushering of their manhood, and, because she's awesome, she's okay with that.

If you take a look at the beauty in her prime, it's no wonder men couldn't keep their tongues in their heads at the sight of her. With an astonishingly perfect hourglass figure--she measured 38-23-38--Newmar was the woman every other female aspired to be; the height of beauty and elegance. And even if her role as Catwoman required her to purr sometimes and make cheesy puns alongside Adam West's Bruce Wayne, who cares? No one was listening anyway.

So now, for your enjoyment, here are 5 reasons to love her.

1. This. (Image credit: John Engstead)


2. This. (Image credit: IMDB)


3. And this. (IMDB)


4. She's still as gorgeous as ever. (Image credit: Wireimage)


5. This. For the love....this.

Amanda Crum
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