Julie Chen Criticizes “The View” for Hiring McCarthy

    December 12, 2013
    Mike Tuttle
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“The Talk” co-host Julie Chen criticized the ABC talk show, “The View,” for hiring Jenny McCarthy as a new co-host following the departures of Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

According to Ace Show Biz, when Chen Appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show on Wednesday with Sharon Osbourne, Chen was asked by Stern whether ABC made a wrong decision by bringing in McCarthy, a former Playboy model. “Yes,” she said. “Because what made ‘The View’ so popular and so good was that it was five different women-from five different walks of life-discussing politics.”

“What put them on the map and made them good and famous, they don’t do that anymore,” she continued. “No one wants to hear Jenny McCarthy talk about the New York mayoral race or politics. They don’t. That’s not what you put Jenny McCarthy on for.”

The Big Brother Host went on. “And when Joy left and when Elisabeth left and they got Jenny in, I think they were trying to lighten the mood at the table-more gossip, more fun, more laughs…what happened was, in my opinion, ‘The View’ doesn’t know what it is now.”

Osbourne agreed with her current co-host of “The Talk.”

“They knew what their path was…You knew what to expect,” she said. “You watched it for their different opinions and now it’s kind of all over the place. It’s not one or the other.”

Last month, Osbourne apologized after telling the ladies on “The View” to go “f***k themselves” before joining the rival talk show.

Chen, however, did say that 41-year old McCarthy, who is currently dating Donnie Wahlberg, is a “beautiful and funny and talented and smart” woman. She added that McCarthy would be a better fit with Chen and Osbourne’s current show, which doesn’t talk about politics.

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  • Shannon

    Jenny McCarthy was a bad idea, but then The View has been pretty lame for some time now, and Barbara Walters is part of why it’s lame.

    But Chen has no room to talk, her show was funny at first, then the best part of the show, Leah Remini was removed apparently by Sharon Osborne and I don’t know why. I like Chen & Osborne on the show, and Gilbert is a nice balance but it was Remini who brought life to it. Now it’s just The View on a different network, lame.

  • Paul

    “The Talk” is a direct copy of “The View” and they changed the co-host there and made the show worse. Leah REALLY good! The dyke from Roseanne and that good awful Sharon stink!!!Rosie Odonnel made the “The View” must see TV. Whoopie is OK but “The View’ was REALLY good!

  • David

    Julie Chen is not good for TV! As for over-rated Osborne if she were to drop out of the public eye she would NOT be missed! Neither have an ounce of talent and the only reason Osbourne has made it this far is because of her talent husband, Ozzy!

  • http://None Sylvia Stein

    My goodness- Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne should be stopped from public speaking. Come on it is obvious thejab on Jenny Mccarthy is said because they are jealous of ” The View”. First Sharon curses on Arsenio Hall about how all the hosts of the view minus Barbara should f themselves and then now they both are saying on Howard Stern that Jenny Mccarthy is not a good fit for the View. We all have a right to our opinion but both of these women were the ones who bullied both Leah Reminii and Holly Robinson Peete on the first season on the show and then they were both fired Geez!

  • Mike Walker

    The View needs hire Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete, then see who people wanted to see!

  • Pam

    She’s right. The View has been dumbed down to accommodate Jenny which is sad. The show use to really get into relevant topics and now it’s just celebrity gossip. There are enough celebrity gossip shows.

  • http://yahoo maeeeeiie

    The View was bad before Jenny arrived. I did wonder what the fit would be with the other 2 though.

  • Van Thomas

    Julie Chen is wrong Jenny McCarthy is great for the view she has a fantastic sense of humor and is knowledgeable when commenting about issues. Julie Chen is insinuating that because McCarthy is
    attractive she is not knowledgeable and that is just not true. Expand your horizon Julie.

  • http://yahoo mariaNorris

    Jenny McCarthy was an awful choice. She’s already made 2 stupid and remarks that I think she should’ve been fired for. I liked Brooke Shields as a permanent cohost. She’s funny and smart. Why not ad a man for a broader View, When Barbara leaves next year. The show needs a “face lift” I love Whoopi

  • http://yahoo maeeeeiie

    Brooke does sound kinda good.