Julia Roberts’ Half-Sister Leaves Suicide Note; Nasty Family Details Revealed

    July 24, 2014
    Val Powell
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A few months before Julia Roberts’ half-sister Nancy Motes committed suicide, Roberts urged their mother to change her last name, Motes. An insider close to the family said, “Julia wanted it so her mom could distance herself from not only her abusive ex-hubby Michael Motes, but also the memory of Nancy herself.”

Roberts’ mother filed for a change of name in December, and the request was granted in April this year – Motes committed suicide in February. She was found in the bathtub of her home in Los Angeles, and her death was ruled a suicide. Authorities said that she took prescription and non-prescription drugs before climbing into the bathtub.

Motes’ suicide note was later revealed. She blamed her family for her depression. “My mother and so-called ‘siblings’ get nothing except the memory that they are the ones that drove me into the deepest depression I’ve ever been in,” Motes wrote.

Motes also said in her hand-written suicide note that she has suffered from depression all her life, but “it has never been this bad.”

Her lifeless body was found by her fiancé John Dilbeck, who she called her “one true love.” They were supposed to marry in May. “I know this will effect (sic) you the most & I can’t apologize enough. I was truly blessed & lucky to have you as my true love and best friend. I will carry you with me forever,” Motes wrote.

Roberts and Motes had a rocky relationship. Just a few days before her suicide, Motes took to Twitter to say nasty things about her Oscar-winning sister. One of the tweets read, “Just so you all know ‘America’s Sweetheart’ is a BI***!!” Motes also tweeted about her family, saying, “My own family has abandoned me.”

Did Nancy Motes commit suicide to ruin her sister’s chance at winning an Oscar?

In an interview last year, Motes also said that Roberts heavily teased her about her weight. Dilbeck told The Daily Mail in March, “Julia tormented Nancy about her weight and called her a fat failure. Nancy spiraled into a pit of depression and took her own life.”

“If Nancy had known that Julia was insisting her mom change her name, it would have broken her heart,” the insider said.

Julia Roberts is accused of fat-shaming her half-sister

Motes now rests at the New Smyrna Cemetery in Georgia. On her gravestone, the words “I love you more” are written. The insider explains the inscription and said, “’I love you more’ is what Nancy told her mom at the end of a conversation. Betty Lou would say ‘I love you,’ and Nancy would reply, ‘I love you more, momma.’”

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  • Samuel F Walker

    ummmm the use of AFFECT in Paragraph 4 is the CORRECT usage and not a (sic). Affect is verb, effect is noun. The clouds AFFECT the amount of rainfall, whilst holding the shutter of a camera open causes a “smearing” EFFECT.

    • Steve Collins

      I belive that Ms. Motes was very distraught when she wrote that note. Had she lived, I am sure that she would have appreciated corrections.

      • Laura Besser

        this is the correct way to address inappropriate comments
        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Samuel F Walker

          Sorry Laura… but u dont know WTF you are talking about

      • Samuel F Walker

        I didnt correct Ms Motes… I corrected the author of the article. Val Powell ORIGINALLY listed Ms Motes quote as ” “I know this will affect (sic) …”

        Hey, what the hell do I know— as the article author CORRECTED THE QUOTE from AFFECT(sic) to EFFECT(sic).

        Hey.. let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good troll… huh???

  • Mysterious

    If you have been following Julia’s career since 1987, you would already know that she is a BI*&^. This should be no surprise. AND SO WHAT IF SHE IS ONE?! It will not ruin her chance of wining an OSCAR. It is a shame all the media headlines are written by a bunch of MORONS!

  • DrKay

    Someone has to be blamed for this so why not her famous sister? Depression is a difficult illness to battle. There is situational depression which can be caused by things like the weather, a death in the family etc…but sounds like this girl had clinical depression which is really tough to battle. If she was not on medication for it or wasn’t taking the medication, then this event can be related to that.

    • dll311

      One can have a very bad experience if they are overmedicated for depression. My general doctor upped my depressions medication (doubled it) in January without telling me and I nearly went round the bend. I sat on the floor and cried. I felt like I’d hit a brick wall at 90mph. I asked myself, “what on earth is different”? Nothing out of the ordinary that was worse. I finally talked to my pharmacist and realized what happened. Cut my meds back to what they had been and I was fine. My advice is if you feel very unusually bad check your meds to make sure you are taking the right amount.

      • DrKay

        you can have a problem if you are under medicated as well or if you won’t or don’t take your meds.

  • aquablue_texan

    The reality is this woman obviously suffered from depression. No matter how her sister was she didn’t live with her sister and she had a choice. She had a choice to live as she wished. Killing yourself and blaming someone else no matter how your relationship was with them is cruel. She obviously had drug issues and somehow I doubt her sister or any of her family held her down and forced her to use drugs. She didn’t want to assume any responsibility for her actions but would prefer to transfer them onto others. That’s a “coping mechanism”. It seems odd how in the article the writer describes her sign off with her mother after conversations. There was obviously love in this family or I doubt she would have even talked with them or they with her. When articles are written like this there are always other sides to the story that are left out, typically critical bits but are not “sensational enough”. I am sorry for this young woman who had so many problems that she felt she wanted to take her own life. I am sorry for all those left behind and pray for peace in all their hearts.

    • dll311

      I agree with you completely and you have made some very good points.

  • CJ

    I feel sorry for this woman, who was obviously sick . However, I do not see how Julia, who is married with her own family, can be blamed. This is a sad story, for Nancy, but also for the family left behind with that awful note. I hope they can come to understand that it was her illness that drove her to leave it.

  • Carrie Fischer

    I am so sick of these type of people that want to blame everyone but getting help themselves for their depression, problems in life, et cetera. Nobody drives anybody to suicide. A person makes that decision themselves, and if Nancy Motes needed help, she should have sought it out from counselors or helpline personnel. We all get bullied at some point in our lives, but the rest of us don’t take our lives nor blame others for our depression. Dilbeck’s brother looks like he is just out to grandstand himself and put the blame on others instead of where it belongs. I am sick of these bleeding hearts types that won’t grow up and get the help they need on their own as an adult. Julie Roberts didn’t cause her sister to take her life. Nancy Motes made that decision on her own due to her own untreated depression.

    • okiloki

      It’s usually very hard for people who need mental help to realize it and to seek it out. We don’t know exactly what happened between her and her family and whether or not they did try to get her help. If they didn’t, then they really should have tried to get her the help she needed. Family should watch out for family.

  • Lori

    When you have depression, any comment a person makes can be taken the wrong way. While I am not a Julia Roberts fan (I just find her annoying), none of us know either of them, so we really shouldn’t be judging her or her late sister.

  • phuck ewe

    jealous… sick in the head… result… suicide.. she needed help.. long long ago..

  • doris17

    No one is the reason for this tragedy, not even Nancy. The reason is depression.

  • MurphyG

    No one is to blame for her suicide, except for herself. She was apparently extremely depressed and should have gotten help. Suicide is an extremely selfish act…

  • MomPerson

    Never cared for Julia. Don’t think she is pretty and her smile reminds me of a horse. I don’t think she is a particularly good actress either but I did like her in a couple of her movies. While no one is to blame for this unfortunate woman’s death but herself it seems like her illness must have been a well known problem in this family and I wonder why someone or several someone’s did not step up and help her get the therapy, hospitalization and/medications she needed and then stood by her to make sure she took the medication and kept her therapy appointments. The last thing someone who is already filled with despair needs is someone telling her she is fat. Being overweight is a huge issue for most women even ones who are not depressed. People who are fat already know they are fat…they can see themselves in the mirror and in every glass storefront they walk in front of. No one needs to point it out, it is redundant and unkind. Other than the weight issue this woman looked very attractive and my heart goes out to her for all the suffering she endured over this one issue. I’m sorry her family couldn’t find a way to be there for her and as for Julia I am sorry she couldn’t find a way to keep her mouth shut.

  • artsloverforever

    I hope Julia feels ashamed.

  • Shemar Moore’s Bae

    Technically it’s not Julia’s fault that she committed suicide, but it must have been tough suffering from depression and always trying to measure up to your perfect sister….especially when she belittles you, treats you like crap and is a big bully. Words hurt, especially to someone with a mental illness and not feeling so great about herself. As her sister, Julia should have supported her and tried to help her the best way she could.

  • JANE

    The woman was engaged and had a lot to live for. there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to blame anyone. She made her choice. SHe was gorgeous fat or skinny. crazy!

  • tedkrammer

    First shame on the news outlets for even reporting this stuff. It is clear that the brother of her sister’s fiancee is just using the death as an opportunity to gain fame or to extort money from Julia. I suspect the only reason he and his brother are angry is that Julia got tired of giving her sister money to support the various leeches with whom her sister was living and associating. What grown ups still share apartments with their brother in this day and age? Julia didn’t owe her sister anything. And the facts show that on numerous occasions she had tried to help her sister but instead of being thankful her sister had only repaid her kindness with more demands. When faced with parasites eventually the host move them or sacrifice themselves. At some point it was time for Julia to put her own kids first and kick her sister and more importantly this guy and his brother to the curb. If the sister couldn’t hack it then she is to blame not Julia.

  • F***You Web Pro News

    so I tried to read this article but all the f**king adds and auto play videos make it imposable. F*** YOU Web Pro News.

  • Likely

    I’ve felt suicidal in the past…..and sometimes I still just want the pain in life to stop. For me I live with physical pain daily and its wearing. Some day’s I feel as if I can’t go on. Then the day passes and I cope yet again. The people in my life keep me wanting to go on…….this woman ‘chose’ not to. She even had a ‘true love’ in her life. What more could she want……..so sad :(

  • silver

    Whose business is this. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life.