Julia Nunes Looks To Be Latest YouTube Sensation Turned Success Story


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A ukelele, a webcam and mic, all coupled with a YouTube account; these are the tools utilized by Julia Nunes. They've helped her reach nearly 50 million views on YouTube, with 209,777 subscribers.

When you generate this kind of buzz, one of two things can happen. You can fall into internet legend obscurity, as seen on South Park. However, sometimes the formula works and YouTube can catapult people into stardom. Nunes is hoping for the latter.

She was featured on Conan, playing a song from her debut album 'Settle Down', which comes out February 28th.

She's previewed a track from her album on SoundCloud - Nothing's That Great.

Nothing's That Great by julianunes

If you're unfamiliar with Nunes' work on YouTube, here's her Top 3 most viewed YouTube videos. Never has a ukelele sounded so good...