Juicers Not Going Away, Actually Grow More Popular

    April 28, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Juicers and blenders are becoming more and more popular as the weather warms up and the swimsuits lurk menacingly in the back of the drawer, awaiting their time in the sun.

Those who are looking to take off what’s left of the winter weight, as well as those who are getting into “juicing” for the health benefits will be happy to know that Holly Adams, the woman behind Voigt Manor, LLC, has launched a new website venture called qualityblendersandjuicers.com.

Her purpose in doing so is clear. She saw the trend growing along with the incredible increase in juicer and blender choices, creating an overwhelming marketplace for consumers looking to get in on the fad.

The website features high quality Blendtec blenders, Hamilton Beach juicers, steam juicers, juicer blender combos, books about juicing and blending, recipe books and more, all in one place.

The main focus is on giving to consumer somewhere to go to look at different high quality blenders and juicers and be able to compare them to one another in order to make the best choice.

This venture highlights just how immersive the juicing trend has become. Beginning with the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, the nation has been taken over with the need to put veggies in a blender to make them more digestible and sometimes more palatable (if you mix them with apples and pineapples and the like).

However, there have also been those who disagree with the practice of juicing, just like there are with any other new idea, and there has been some controversy with parents getting their kids to partake in “juice cleanses” on a regular basis.

Whatever the controversy may be, juicing doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Neither does the practice of making healthier shakes and smoothies in a blender. So no matter what your persuasion, it seems Holly Adams and blender makers everywhere have made a smart decision to ride the tails of this thing.

Do you juice?

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  • Real Time

    I tried a juicer from QVC that was reasonable and it left too much wet pulp behind which meant that I was wasting money. Spent $33 on the veggies and fruits required to make the OZ drink and only got 2 8 oz glasses out of the $33 spent. You also have to spend more on some organic stuff that has high pesticides. So in all juicing is a tedious chore which takes lots of money to do right and you better own a expensive juicer that leaves no to little wet pulp behind or else you are throwing your money away.

  • Anonymous

    I jumped on the tails of this thing and purchased a masticating juicer. For about $12 at a discount neighborhood market, or farmer’s markets, (Absolutely NOT at the big chain supermarkets or Gelson’s or Whole Foods…forget buying there, it will cost over $40), I can make 1.5 Liter of the Joe’s Green Juice featured in the Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead film. It does take time to shop, time to prep the vegetables, and time to juice, and then clean up. However, I can get about three lunch substitutes per week out of the 1.5 Liter of juice, and over the course of my first month I have lost about five pounds. So, five pounds of my fat for $48 is not too bad so far without doing anything else different.