Judi Dench Reveals That She Has a Famous Person's Name Tattooed on Her ... Butt?

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Judi Dench's cool rating just went up a notch after revealing that she had a famous person's name tattooed on her very British bum.

The Oscar-winning actress shared the story of how Harvey Weinstein's name ended up indelibly inked on her butt at the 2014 Britannia Awards in Beverly Hill, according to Deadline Hollywood.

It seems that early on in her career, someone famous, whom she did not name immediately, told her that she would never be a film actress.

“You’ll never make a film because your face isn’t quite properly arranged,” Dench recalled the person as saying.

The Philomena actress said it took her another 36 years before she was able to prove to that person that she could be a very successful film actress, thank you very much.

It was many years later that Miramax's Weinstein acquired the British television production of Mrs. Brown, in which Dench brilliantly played the role of Mrs. Brown, and released it in theaters. The film ended up grossing $13 million and Dench finally proven to Weinstein that she could be successful in film.

“Blessed Harvey Weinstein, whose tattoo I still have on my bum, said it would be a proper [theatrical] film and it was,” she announced to the surprised crowd, which immediately burst into laughter.

“Well, he asked for that,” said Dench, mocking indignation.

Dench made the announcement during her acceptance speech for the Albert R. Broccoli Britannia Award For Worldwide Contribution. Following the hilarious revelation, Dench thanked the James Bond producer and award’s namesake.

“I do owe the Broccoli family, and I had the most sensational time making the James Bond films, and I am so proud this should be his award,” said the actress, who played 007's boss, M, in several Bond films.

Pam Wright