Judge Judy’s Son Accused of Influencing Child Rape Case

    March 27, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Judge Judy certainly hasn’t let her legal career get in the way of motherhood. Judith Scheindlin (her real name) has seven children and 12 grandchildren. At least one of those children has followed in their mother’s footsteps and entered the legal profession.

Adam Levy, son of Scheindlin and her first husband, is now the district attorney for Putnam County, New York. This week, Levy has found himself embroiled in a child molestation investigation due to what appears to be a disagreement with Putnam County Sheriff Donald Smith.

Last week, Alexandru Hossu was arrested and charged in connection with the rape of a 12-year-old girl back in 2010. The statement released by the sheriff’s office listed Hossu’s address as Levy’s home address.

The county sheriff’s office has stated that Hossu is a personal trainer and that he may have been a “live-in personal trainer” with the Levys for a time. When Levy’s office learned of the arrest, it released a statement that included Levy recusing himself from the case. The statement included the acknowledgement that Levy’s family had known Hossu “for years,” but pointed out that Hossu does not live at Levy’s address.

The sheriff’s office shot back, releasing a statement that Levy “is trying to influence and affect the investigation” by publishing Hossu’s address. Levy’s office offered another retort, releasing a statement calling Smith’s statement “unfounded”:

Despite Sheriff Smith’s unfounded allegations and misstatements, the facts will show my office acted properly in every aspect of the investigation. Now, I need to continue to concentrate my efforts on the work that I was elected to do by the people of Putnam County as its District Attorney.

The nearby Westchester County district attorney has taken over the investigation.

  • http://yahoo david murphy

    welcome to the real world

    • veronica

      judge judy is fake ! she makes false accusations for rating … evil thing the US allows her to do

  • Rick Santorum

    It’s sad when a tremendously wealthy celebrity who abuses poor people daily has something bad happen to her.
    This should not be allowed in the kingdom of the 1%!!

  • Rick Santorum

    Judith Sheindlin, or better known as Judge Judy, is an American family court judge, has a net worth of $90 million.
    Her annual income is $45million.

    To all the poor people making minimum wage who consider walking onto her TV show, stop degrading yourself for the amusement of “Whitie”.
    Don’t do it. Your lunacy earns her $45mill/year. Don’t support the haters.

  • Jake Albright

    She can cast moral judgement on people in her court, she should tend her own backyard!

    • veronica

      excactly , she is manipulative and evil . her son commented , “unfounded allegations and misstatements.” She is guilty of this every day! She makes false claimes on her show and gets away with it ! carma is a %&^*#.

    • Peachescartoon

      Right, Jake. That’s what happens with these big celebrity types such as Judge Judy. They are dishing out judgments all over the place and there are snakes in their own backyard that they don’t even know about.

  • http://yahoo Frednorf

    I know all about stupid sheriffs in small towns & they are just as stupid as anyone else is. Just because he is sheriff doesn’t give him any more credibility than a homeless person or a doctor. How many times do we see on BIO a supposed rich or highly thought of person end up killing his wife & staging a break in or 3 policemen killing 4 people to steal there drugs in Miami.A smalltown sheriff is usually a underpaid,mean person with control issues who will do anything to get his name in the news to help his upcoming election.

  • Sheila Beckford

    With Judys superior attitude and lack of feelings for poor, less intelligent. The joy she appears to experience as she calls people idiots, stupid etc. Then she tries to involve Bert,who happens to be a born-again Christian. The most support she can get from him is a nod. A judge does have a professional duty to carry out justice, but where does it state that she has the right to humiliate and put people down.Judy has set herself upon her own pedestal The devil is very pleased with her as she has impressed him well. Now it’s time, he will snatch that rug She will fall I just hope she learns to be more merciful, Then God can extend His mercy toward her!!!! WAKE UP JUDY YOU AINT ALL THAT!!!

    • veronica

      Like mother like Son, she is manipulative. Judy’s son commented , “unfounded allegations and misstatements.” She is guilty of this every day! She makes false claimes on her show and gets away with it ! carma is a %&^*#. She is the Face of L.A. evil

      Warning her show is a hoax.

      • Peachescartoon

        Yeah…manipulative. I agree with you. District Attorney is manipulating the law in his favor. He’s using his influence to manipulate the law in his favor.

  • Peachescartoon

    Why was the trainer who is accused of raping a minor using Judge Judy’s son’s address??? Something stinks to high heaven here. I never watch Judge Judy so that doesn’t influence me at all. However, those questions about using her son’s address still remain. He’s a rapist. I don’t care how many YEARS her son knew him. Somehow, this relationship with the trainer is highly inappropriate. I want to know more.

    To me it’s just another case where sports takes precedent over the law. Celebrity influences the law. There are sports and celebrities and then there are normal people.

  • http://aol Natalie Boggs-Jones

    I love Judge Judy, she is awesome and has really great morals in her life. Just because her son is having a legal issue, doesnt mean she is anything like that <3 Love you Judge Judy

  • Peachescartoon

    I also don’t care if this guy is a District Attorney. Does that give him “special privileges” to be above the law? To me it is highly suspect for the District Attorney to involve himself with this aspect of the investigation. Let the sheriff do his job and finish the investigation. I would like to know what the sheriff comes up with. What’s going on here?