Journalists Get Some Love in Google News

    June 23, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has added a couple features to Google News that make it easier for users to find content from specific authors and journalists. This is ideal for readers who like the work of a particular reporter, but would otherwise be unsure of where to find just that person’s articles.

When users see Google News results that have an author name, they can click on that author’s name and bring up other artices they have written. Doing so brings up the search operator author:"author name" and results for that query.


Cynthia Burton on Google News


Cynthia Burton on Google News

In addition to this feature, users can also search for articles by specific journalists under the advanced search section or by using the aforementioned search operator in the regular search box.

Another convenient aspect of being able to bring up articles by specific authors is that you can subscribe to the RSS feed for them (just like you can with any Google News search). This makes it almost as if you are subscibing to that journalists own personal publication without getting author authors in the mix.