Journal Register Co. Partners With Google

    December 14, 2006

The New Haven Register, which Journal Register Company describes as its “flagship newspaper,” entered a print ad partnership with Google earlier today. And as the parent company stated, the New Haven Register is joining “more than 50 major newspapers across the U.S. that are currently participating in the Google program.”

That’s really about all that Journal Register Company had to say. In one of the most lopsided announcements I’ve ever seen, there were roughly 125 words concerning the new partnership, 95 regarding the company (as a standard “About Us” section), and then a whopping 230 words in the form of a Safe Harbor statement.

That sort of thing just really doesn’t impart a lot of confidence in the reader. Google Print Ads has had enough problems as it is; some time ago, WebProNews contributor Nathan Weinberg even labeled the program a “failure.”

Instead of concluding the announcement with a legal disclaimer that’s about as long as this article, Journal Register Company could have discussed its own operations. After all, it “owns 27 daily newspapers and 368 non-daily publications,” and “currently operates 239 individual Web sites” – those have got to provide some conversational fodder.

Or it could have mentioned, as David B. Wilkerson did, the distinguished group of newspapers that the New Haven Register will be joining – the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post and the Seattle Times are all already members of Google’s Print Ad program.

The announcement did at least include a positive comment from Journal Register Company’s chairman and CEO, Robert M. Jelenic, who said, “We believe Google’s technology will help us manage our advertising inventory more efficiently and we will continue to explore opportunities to enhance revenues, especially with non-traditional newspaper advertisers.”


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