Josh Hamilton Won't Say If He Uses Chewing Tobacco


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Josh Hamilton's struggles with substance abuse are well documented. That's why everybody is interested in claims that the Los Angeles Angel's player has turned to chewing tobacco.

Hamilton was asked last week if he used chewing tobacco, but the player wouldn't confirm or deny the rumors:

“I just don’t have any comments on it. It’s one of those things where if I give you guys any kind of story, your story’s going to be different from his story, and his story is going to be different from his story. And then other people who aren’t in this clubhouse with you guys are going to take your story, and it’s going to be an absolute mess. No, nothing is coming from these lips.”

If you recall, Hamilton was once suspended from the MLB for three years in 2003 after it was revealed that he had an addiction to cocaine and alcohol. Ever since, every little story concerning a possible relapse or the use of any other "drug" has made headlines as people search for any news on the player's potential vices.

The story is also especially interesting to baseball fans as Hamilton's last foray with chewing tobacco may have led to his team at the time - the Texas Rangers - losing out on the division title against the Oakland Athletics. Dropping tobacco reportedly led to vision problems as he compensated for the loss of nicotine with excessive caffeine. Fans may be concerned that a similar situation may occur this year if he has picked up chewing tobacco again and then decides to drop it before an important game.

In other news, the Los Angeles Angels will be taking on the Boston Red Sox tonight. Watch out for Hamilton to see for yourself if he's chewing tobacco or not, because he isn't going to say either way.

[Image: Keith Allison/flickr] [h/t: The Los Angeles Times]