Josh Brolin Or Ryan Gosling Could Be The Next Batman


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Comic-Con recently made millions of nerd dreams come true as it was revealed that Batman and Superman will team up on the big screen in 2015. While Brit heartthrob Henry Cavill is already set to play the man of steel, it is still up in the air who will take on the role of Batman.

Casting the caped crusader is a big deal, especially when it sets the chosen actor up for a possible career-defining role, or at least one that will bring them millions of dollars. So who is being considered to take their place on the Batman Mouth Rushmore alongside Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale?

Early reports are far from definite, but four possibilities are sure to create excitement among fans of the superhero, or movies in general. Josh Brolin is one such name on the list, which also includes indie darling and general good looking guy Ryan Gosling.

Gosling, who is one of the youngest candidates, has the acting chops to pull of the role, but those behind the scenes want a Batman around 40 while Gosling is only 32. The new Batman is also meant to be a more mature, rugged character, not that Gosling couldn't pull that look off.

Other actors rumored to be on the list are True Blood Adonis Joe Manganiello, who "Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder considered for the role of Superman, and Richard Armitage, who was most recently seen on the silver screen protecting Bilbo Baggins in the role of Thorin in Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit".

Whoever is chosen to take the reins of Wayne Manor will see their star take a meteoric rise, even if they are someone the caliber of Brolin or Gosling. For those like Manganiello and Armitage, it could take them to the next level. We'll see who is handed the keys to the Batmobile in the coming months as more details about the casting move surface.