Joran Van Der Sloot Might Be Getting Married Behind Bars

    July 20, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Joran Van Der Sloot, the man responsible for killing Peruvian student Stephany Flores, is currently spending quite a bit of time behind bars for his heinous crime. In addition to this murder, Van Der Sloot is also the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, who went missing after leaving an Oranjestad bar with Joran and two of his associates back in 2005. To this day, Natalee’s body has not been found. To make a long story short, Van Der Sloot isn’t a very nice guy, and he’s going to be spending a lot of time in prison for his actions.

Despite all of those strikes against him, rumors are currently swirling that Joran is a few steps away from getting married behind bars. Never mind that the guy has a history of butchering women — he’s a catch in someone’s eyes, and they want to make their relationship official. This bizarre little story comes on the heels of reports that Van Der Sloot had fathered a child while behind bars, though his partner in reproduction has publicly stated the child isn’t his. Why in the world anyone would want to help this man breed is beyond my realm of comprehension.

Although details about the potential marriage are sketchy — his lawyer has stated that he wasn’t hired to deal with Joran’s social commitments — some are speculating this whole wedding nonsense is just an act. The Daily Beast is reporting that Van Der Sloot is looking to have his sentence overturned due to the “poor legal advice” he received upon his arrest. His attorney stated that, since he admitted to the murder, he should have only received 15 years for the crime, as opposed to the 28 he’s serving right now.

Falling in love with prisoners, regardless of how disturbed or unbalanced they are, is really nothing new. Some women have become so obsessed with their incarcerated Romeos that they’ve lost their jobs, their families, and their friends as a result. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Joran gets proposals from lovesick ladies several times a year.

  • April

    I thought you when you were in prison, you lost all of your rights. How is it right for a vicious murderer to be able to get married, but not someone who is gay?

  • diana

    Both are sick, and deserving of each other.

  • Anna

    I hope this MONSTER dies a slow and painful death. What woman would want to marry him?

  • virgil

    i hope it’s to a well endowed african american man

  • http://yahoo. george

    because being gay is just pure disgusting

  • StrangerThanFiction

    They are registered at the local hardware store.

  • Parallax3D

    What SANE woman would want to marry this murderuos POS?!

  • http://yahoo jack

    The only story to post and read is when this punk is shanked in the neck and bleeds out!!!

  • joseph

    i hope his new “wife” is someone named BIG BUBBA and punks him day and night

  • B

    The chick that marries this dude better hope he doesn’t get out of prison.. if he does, she better head in the other direction ASAP.

  • http://yahoo Harold Powell

    Well April only criminals have rights now not the innocent!! Sorry but it has always been this way and I doubt that it will ever change!!! It is a messed up world that we live in!!!

  • mike

    i don’t know why our country waste time and money on pieces of crap like this guy, and all the rest of the criminals that commit the same types of insane acts. Lets re-open “The Rock” ship all these bastards to their own island and just leave them. They can take care of each other.

  • http://google deborah sletten

    I will marry Joran.