JonBenet Ramsey Documents To Be Released Friday

By: Amanda Crum - October 24, 2013

JonBenet Ramsey, the beautiful little pageant queen who was killed in 1996, captured the world’s attention after the details of the case became more and more troubling. Found dead in the basement of her own home just after Christmas, her parents were immediate suspects in the eyes of many even though her mother, Patsy Ramsey, said she’d found a 3-page ransom note. No suspect was ever caught.

Though Patsy and her husband John were never official suspects, the grand jury felt differently. The couple were reportedly to be indicted on charges of child abuse resulting in death, but the District Attorney at the time, Alex Hunter, refused to sign the indictment due to lack of evidence.

“I and my prosecution task force believe we do not have sufficient evidence to warrant the filing of charges against anyone who has been investigated at this time,” Hunter said.

Charlie Brennan, a reporter for the Daily Camera, wrote a story about the case last year and discovered that the jury had voted to indict; since then, he’s been working with the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press on a lawsuit against the new Boulder DA, Stan Garnett, to get the documents released. The request has been denied twice before, but now it looks like a judge has agreed to hand them over. John Ramsey is not pleased.

“Public release of the allegations of an unprosecuted indictment only serves to further defame (John Ramsey) and his late wife Patricia Ramsey,” wrote Ramsey’s attorney, Harold Haddon.

In the initial lawsuit, attorney Thomas B. Kelley wrote, “The plaintiffs believe… that the indictment is a criminal justice record that reflects official action by the grand jury, and accordingly that it is subject to mandatory disclosure upon request. Alternatively, they argue the indictment should be disclosed to the public because such disclosure would serve the public interest in government transparency and not be contrary to the public interest nor cause undue adverse effect upon the privacy of the individual.”

The documents, which include nine pages each on John and Patsy, will be released on Friday.

“The court is sympathetic to the position of Mr. Ramsey but has nonetheless concluded that as an ‘official action’ of the grand jury, the ‘indictment’ …. must be released,” said Judge J. Robert Lowenbach.

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  • redpill

    this case has been solved


    I believe home-invading serial pedophile and killer Mr. Cruel murdered Jonbenet Ramse

  • redpill

    the link for the mr. cruel theory is here

  • Wow

    No one knows. This is something prosecutors will never tell you but I assure you it is true. Half the people we have in our prisons are innocent of their crimes. Prosecutors force pleas and crime scene investigation really is not all that reliable. I know all the TV shows make it seem like it is an exact science, but that is just Hollywood. In fact, Europe is finding that DNA evidence is highly unreliable but you won’t hear that in the United States because we incarcerate the most people in the world and it would be shocking to realize many of those people may be innocent. The only magazine that I every saw report on this was Time and they only gave it a few small paragraphs. Incarceration is simply big business in the United States. Go to a prison industry convention and you will see just how big it is.

    In this case, I would look squarely at the people who contributed to a 6 year old looking like she was 26. The vast majority of people who commit crimes are known to the victim. It simply is not natural for a 6 year old to look that old. Yes, I know 16 year-olds often look like they are 26 in today’s society, but come on, we are talking about a 6 year old. I don’t have kids but I think that is what – kindergartner?