Jon Stewart’s Plastic Gun Is Trending (Here’s The Video)

    January 9, 2013
    Chris Crum
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On Tuesday, Jon Stewart pulled out a gun on The Daily Show, as Comedy Central aired a typical Daily Show-style montage of anti gun control advocates saying things. When the montage ended, Stewart had a gun in his hand. A plastic one.

“I’m not sure what happened,” said Stewart. “I blacked out in the middle of that, and woke up with an AK in my hand…I don’t know…or whatever this is. I’m sure I’ll get letters about what this really is, which is plastic, is what it really is.”

According to J.K. Trotter at The Atlantic Wire, it was an M16A2.

Here’s the whole segment:

The clip is generating a great deal of buzz on the Internet, as the gun control debate continues.

  • http://yahoo.com John Winkel

    Just another case of media creating news instead of reporting news. I’m not necessarily ripping ‘The Daily Show.’ Their show is not ‘news,’ per se. I’m ripping yahoo’s coverage of it.

  • nogard64@gmail.com

    totally ridiculous feel so bad for the young generation who falls for this CLOWN’S SCHTICK, he has no basis, Stewart is a joke, he mocks those who really do put thought and policy and have an effect on the real world, he just makes a bunch of jokes to tried to hide his self issues. Jon is a sad man full of self loathing, really can’t stand the liberal media which are the only ones who legitimizes this joker.

    • EZ

      Are you serious? Jon is the prime American and takes his job very seriously . Think about it, The guy jokes on how dumb America looks on law making and how fast they should act instead of waiting for multiple events to occur before acting, Look at his segments. The guy is a genius . Non of his arguments or statements are false. And his opinions he shares on the air is phenomenal . He says things “Media” wishes they can say. I support last night segment on the gun control, and support how he pin pointed exactly how dumb government works and their responses. U have to be a buffoon to agree what they tell you. Or just flat out have no opinion of your own so u agree with that the “Media” puts out. Think with your brain people. Not your eyes.

    • louis walker

      I hate to break this to you, nogard, but Stewart is a satirist and comic, which is why his show airs on Comedy Central. Being a joke is kind of the point. I don’t always agree with his slant on issues, but I recognize that losing our ability to laugh at ourselves–regardless of the circumstances–is the first step to our decline as a society. From your comments, I gather you don’t watch the show. Perhaps you should. He skewers stupidity on both sides of the political spectrum, although he is more liberal than not.

  • tabb

    As usual, Stewart is dead on in presenting facts that other media stays away from, and does it in a way that eases the tension that’s surrounding this issue. keep up the good work.