Jon Stewart: Poor Al Gore, global warming completely debunked by the very Internet you invented!

Video clip slams the scientists for deleting the warming data...

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Quote from Jon Stewart of Comedy Central: "Poor Al Gore, global warming completely debunked by the very Internet you invented".

Stewart continued, "It’s nothing, he was just using a trick .. to hide the decline. It’s just scientist speak for using a standard statistical technique recalibrating data in order to … trick you … into not knowing about  … the decline.

But here’s what’s great about science, in disagreements we go back and look at the raw data (clip showing data destroyed) … Oh for fxxxks sake! Why would you throw out raw data from the 80’s … I still have Penthouses from the 70’s!

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Scientists Hide Global Warming Data




Jon Stewart: Poor Al Gore, global warming completely debunked by the very Internet you invented!
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  • Guest

    The fraud Al-hore should be convicted of financial fraud and all his wealth should be confiscated.

  • Guest

    Don’t confiscate his wealth–he only took it from his religious zealots who chose to believe it. The government would misspend it. He needs to invest it back into his Internet.

  • Brian McDonald

    i love the comments about how these emails have “debunked” global warming. it’s a shining paean to the miserable job our society does these days of teaching even basic science to the drooling masses. all the emails really do is expose the fact that scientists are people too and can post nasty things about people they don’t like.

    most of the people so up in arms about this have pretty dismal grasp of the science or even of the terms used and what they mean to a scientist. it’s a sad commentary on humanity that in almost all cases LOUD trumps KNOWLEDGEABLE.

    • dick reesor

      i presume you are from either b.c. or quebec,,,,,,,your words,,,drooling & dismal gave me that information. if you would actually listen to the scientists instead of the “scientists” , al gore, david suzuki , and the rest of the idiots that are helping to fog less than intelligent minds like yours,, you may eventually understand the real facts of , ,,global warming,,,,or global cooling,,,,, with your “scientists”, that depends on the day !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Globalcat

        Would suggest you check your facts dear – can you read this? Or do you ONLY read stuff that supports your position.

  • http://www.mprck.blogspot.com/ MPrck

    Lord Monckton lays out what has been going on with Climategate. Everyone needs to view this video. I have it on my blog, and it is all over the net. If we get this Copenhagen Treaty shoved down our throats then we are had for life, for it would take all the other parties to agree to let us, or anyone else out of it in the future. It is a TAX, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS on society to be paid to the greedy elite.

    • Globalcat

      Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn has said that if you don’t like wars in the Middle East and you’re driving an SUV, you’re not walking the walk. He said driving an SUV is a national security statement.

  • http://www.parpoolsblog.com Ron Parrs

    Al Gore should be made to write an essay and publish it in every major newspaper & magazine on the planet, on how trees, flowers, grass, all plant life NEEDS CARBON DIOXIDE (that terribly awful greenhouse gas) to photosynthesize and produce OXYGEN. Imagine that…plants use bad gas to provide us animals with “life”.

    • Globalcat

      But the REAL question is – – do they need the tons and tons that we emit everyday? Nope

  • dick reesor

    the whole global warming ,, the world is coming to an end BULL_ _ _ _ , we’ve heard before ,dozens of times ,, and recently ( 20 or so years ago ) one of the biggest liars and frauds of all time — davy boy suzuki (aka planet saver ) was warning all of mankind that the world was in peril !!!!!!!!!!!! planet earth as we knew it then was in the midst of a GLOBAL COOLING !!! GOD help us all…. our planet , including ( as Homer says……….. i am so smart — smat ,, i mean ,,smart ,,,,al gore , with his power guzzling mansions were soon to be covered with ice !!!! now that i think of it ,, i wish suzuki was right then,,,,,,,,,,,he certainly isn’t now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Globalcat

      Would you listen to the United States Military? They apparently believe and are preparing our troops for the consequences of climate change. My guess is that if the military thought it was a load of **** they wouldn’t waste their time. . .http://securityandclimate.cna.org/

  • Guest

    If ya’ll think this is the evidence, or even some sort of summary of the evidence that “global warming” isn’t happening, get a life.

    • Audie

      THE “SCIENTISTS” LIED!!! It’s junk science…It’s not real data…don’t you get it…??? They wanted to lie about the data, they didn’t want people who were weary about man made global warming being a part of the debate…

      • Globalcat

        Everyone who is shouting that this isn’t real; might be surprised to know a quiet FACT. While we debate over trivialities; the United States Military has been doing some real investigation. They have determined that global warming/climate change (we’ll say climate change for the stoopid folks who get hung up over the bitty letters) poses a real threat to national security.

        Perhaps you all should go visit several acting and retired generals of our own armed forces and tell them “hey you’re wrong – Glenn Beck and some of these other highly educated entertainment folks say it aint happening” and see what you get. Basically, it is the job of the military to be prepared to respond to the messes that we create for them. TRUE – they are right now running war game simulations involving climate change at the pentagon because it is pretty clear that we won’t make the changes necessary to take our troops out of harm’s way.

        Here’s the links for those of you who are googling it now – save you the trouble:


        Excerpt from webpage: “Global climate change presents a serious national security threat which could impact Americans at home, impact United States military operations and heighten global tensions, according to a new study released by a blue-ribbon panel of retired admirals and generals from all branches of the armed services.”

        The report includes several formal findings:

        Projected climate change poses a serious threat to America’s national security.
        Climate change acts as a threat multiplier for instability in some of the most volatile regions of the world.

        Projected climate change will add to tensions even in stable regions of the world.
        Climate change, national security and energy dependence are a related set of global challenges.

        The report also made several specific recommendations:

        The national security consequences of climate change should be fully integrated into national security and national defense strategies.

        The U.S. should commit to a stronger national and international role to help stabilize climate changes at levels that will avoid significant disruption to global security and stability.

        Basically – if you’re not part of the solution, people . . . so if you don’t want to listen to the scientists who have studied this issue for many years – and it’s all a left-wing conspiracy of some sort – then perhaps you will listen to arguably one of the most right-wing institutions we have – the military.

        So who’s conspiracy is it again??

  • Guest

    As member of this so called advanced society, it sickens me to see how the researchers, scientists, consultants, politicians, lazy media and environmentalists knew all along that the CO2 theory was not real. Has technology outpaced our intellectual capabilities of utilizing this sewer of untreated information called the Internet as something of REAL value to our world instead of using it for more and more greed?
    We deniers want Al Gore, Canada’s David Suzuki, all politicians, scientists, teachers and anyone else helping push the world to war against the non existent enemy of climate variation, arrested to stand trial for high treason. Because for 23 years this doomsday from humans was hidden atop the polar caps, mountains and deep in the oceans and rainforests and we fell for this feeding frenzy of disco science hook line and sinker. How obedient and unquestioning we have become during a time when we are living longer than at any time in history as a species. Or is this our fault for being such lazy citizens of an era where truth is buried somewhere in the sewer of untreated information we call the Internet? Say NO to

    • Globalcat

      You do realize that you just indicted most of the top brass in our military right?

  • Guest

    He also said that this doesn’t prove that global warming is debunked. Watch the whole thing.

  • Audie

    Not only should Al Gore return his Oscar “earned” from “An Inconveinant Truth”, but also his Nobel Peace Prize. What a joke… I guess he has something in common with George W Bush…There was no weapon of mass destruction!!!

    • Guest

      True. But at least many folks, including Gore, Obama, Clinton, etc, were under the impression that there was enough convincing evidence to go forward with the invasion. And, of course, the actual historical record of Saddam using weapons of mass destruction to kill thousands.

      Nah, come to think of it, your analogy isn’t even close. Kudos on the “Yin-Yang” invocation of political opposites, though. It makes you appear so enlightened and open-minded.

  • matt

    scientists had a spastic and prolonged debate based on money in the race to determine the health “value” of cigarettes….propaganda is propaganda…lord what fools ye…hows that go …yeah you know
    stop picking a side and start looking in the gray area with your grey matter and find truth

  • http://jonalist.bravehost.com/Jonalist.html jonalist

    Nancy Pelosi knows the Government does not have money when the bill dictates that the people must pay for it, its her double of nothing service that stuns the rest of the world to see no one taking issue against her & the Democrats legally. The Will Of The National Debt Is To Be Paid!

    Term Health Care Insurance
    is an affordable way to make
    sure anyone whom relies on
    your income is covered in
    the event you pass away or
    become unable to pay.
    It can also help to pay any
    outstanding debt left behind.

    Just how much farther can the kite fly when so many are tugging on the string, isn’t the tail going to be struck and their life power sent to the heavens, is this the Green we are going to expect from Washington? All is lost, there is not a solution coming from Obama and the voters that put him there are angry enough to tell him to get out.

    Hey, let automakers alone they got a plan so maybe you don’t have to keep telling them you don’t like it, just come at it from another angle and do it the way you want to. My book is for you to be happy and that is my main concern, I did not need Obama nor Pelosi nor Frank to tell me anything I did not already know.

    I ask you, why then knowing that banks created a scheme to get money from sells of bonds between themselves, wishing they could resell what difference is that compared to what Obama is doing to cover the Debt using play money that pays off bigger than it was in real money. There’s a difference it’s only money whether it is Play Money with No Gold backing it or the Real McCoy backed by the US Treasury.

    If you want to make a difference socially towards a Social Market, then grasp what you have right now cause no Corporate Automaker is going to change what you have unless you give them $100,000 for it & give the Government at least 35% of your income so it can stay afloat through its additional National Debt which is unallocated to pay off since there’s nothing but fake money banks can create.

    That is the Union Plan to push throughout America starting in Alabama. It won’t happen. Uncle Sam has showed China his colors. China’s economy depends on development of their resources with Russia, there is no US deal. Our American Troops are as good as home right now. The only Market deal in the Middle East will be for Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, & China. It is Natural Gas or Oil that drives China to obtain help in production of her steel and pipelines are already planned. Iran lost the pipeline deal, that’s the end of the story, Iran wants to cover it up with a bigger Nuclear frontier Russia helped Iran organize with employees directly from Russia working in Iran. They do not want to be there. China has not told anyone of a commitment to the terror war in Afghanistan but they have a real honest sense of how to go about what there needs to be accomplished. Did you think Obama & Pelosi is going to be able for thousands & thousands of years, what is unable after ten years? Pray faithfully.

    SHOCK & AWL: The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation (EVFCF).

  • http://portlandhousepainting.com/ paul

    There are consequences to our actions. You can only create waste in your bed for so long before you drown in it. Many want to pretend that we can keep borrowing money, using resources and creating waste with no consequences. We can not. You can argue the details but if you think what humans are doing to our environment will have no serious effect on us I would urge you to look closely at the data, think about being a bit conservative instead of thinking best case scenario and consider if you are taking any responsibility for the earth we will leave to future generations.

  • http://www.peterblaise.com/ Peter Blaise

    Regardless of global anything, let’s look at ourselves locally, are we consumers or proprietors?

    And what trees? We’re removing way more forest daily as we add way more pollution daily, but nice suggestion that “plants use bad gas to provide us animals with “life”” … now go figure out the science. Just exhaling, per person, needs how many trees to balance that one person? Now multiply that times the world population plus any forecast of population growth into the near future (or distant future), how many more trees will it take to balance just our exhaling? And then add synthetic production of poisons beyond mere exhaling, and how many more trees will be needed to balance that? Now consider that we don’t have more trees, but we have fewer trees daily. Calculate the effect of removing way more trees than we replace … wow, that’s gonna take a whole lotta complex science from a variety of resources, and some inventive interpretations. And, I’ll bet each “scientist” has the challenge to survive peer review that looks at their presumptions and conclusions and vets them out for appropriateness, completeness, and accuracy. Yes, the science is difficult, complex, variable, and evolving. But speaking as if the science doesn’t matter is ludicrous. Especially knowing that we’re not even considering other gases and pollution that trees don’t clean for us. Who cares about taking a complete inventory of how ecological balances work before making up our minds?

    Funny, we’re here on a technical web site, and I’d have thought we’re all scientists, but the above threads show how little we care to explore science outside our own discipline (or the above non-scientific threads on this technical web site shows that we probably don’t respect science in our own discipline, either — and that may help explain why web employment salaries are valued down at a loss of as much as 30% earnings in some web job titles in the last year — the customers don’t value us very much, either, and now I know some possible reasons!).

    Now, review the video — it shows some unsourced self described hacker/cracker who claims to have some unreferenced, uncorroborated, contextless stolen dialog from some unidentified and perhaps unimportant or inconsequential other people (perhaps people who are describable as unreferenced “scientists”, omg!), with no reference to peer review status or influence, and — and this is the point of the video — after all that self-ridiculing meaninglessness, other people (politicians and web bloggers and so on) think this trail of crap is important and determinant to responsible and thoughtful decision-making. That’s the point of the video, that some people think such trivial, unreferenced trash is enough for them to make decisions on. John Stewart is ridiculing the people who think that the theory, observation, and conclusion of global warming can be accurately and effectively debunked by this meaningless crap.

    Of course. This ridiculous behavior of spouting one’s unsubstantiatable beliefs at the drop of a hat happens all the time. People make the decisions they want to make regardless of authoritative information that might influence them to the contrary.


    So, back to web tech discussions anyone?

  • Guest

    I always said Liberals are DANGEROUS!

    • Guest

      Dang liberals – dangerous group – what about the military – you know they’re in on it now too . .

      Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn has said that if you don’t like wars in the Middle East and you’re driving an SUV, you’re not walking the walk. He said driving an SUV is a national security statement.


  • Guest

    Are you two retarded? It’s a joke. 90 to 95 percent of the scientific community believe in global warming because it is written in stone as fact. Al Gore didn’t invent it. Although he did take advantage of it, it is foolish and ignorant to turn it around and say it does not exist because a liberal politician made money off of it. Do some research retards.

    • Guest

      I’d love for you to pull those statistics from somewhere else besides your backside. Global warming is a farce, and analytical data taken over the decades has proven that the climate apexes between hot and cold regularly.

      But I guess that makes no sense to you since it would involve actually researching the issue as opposed to reading it off of Al Gore’s own site.

      • Globalcat


  • Kelly

    I think that Al Gore is nuts because he keeps saying that we are having global warming but we aren’t because we are getting alot of snow. If we had global warming we wouldn’t be getting alot of this snow.So I just think that he is absolutley crazy.

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