Jon Stewart Calls Out Toronto’s Rob Ford

    November 16, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Jon Stewart of the Daily Show put on a hilarious display this week, calling out Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford, and his recent crude references to oral sex during a press conference. No one but Jon Stewart could pull off a report like this–replete with comedic facial expressions and deadpan dramatic pauses. It’s what he is best know and loved for.

In a hilarious clip, now referred to as Throw Down the Mic, Stewart has no doubt left people all around the United States–and likely in Canada, too–in stitches over the debacle that is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. On his show, he prefaced it by urging parents to call their children to the TV.

“You might want to go right now and wake them up and bring them downstairs. And gather them around the television set. It’s more important than school,” he said.

Of course he wasn’t serious. Any parents who followed his command either don’t get the gist of Stewart’s show, or require a serious psychiatric evaluation.

Twitter followers responded to Stewart’s report–urging others to check it out.

While it’s absolutely unfathomable to imagine someone like Rob Ford in the mayor’s office in a city like Toronto, comedians all over the world are no doubt reveling in his crude faux pas. For those still harboring some concern about the fair Canadian city, do note that Ford was voted out of office this past week.

If the world must, on occasion, deal with abominations like former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, at least people like Jon Stewart offer deep sighs of comic relief. It’s quite likely that late night TV and other big name comics will follow suit as well.

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  • Well

    What I find funny about all this is that everyone in the planet must be a saint. We vilify a guy for making mistakes but most of the people pointing the fingers have made mistakes in their lives too. It is all so hypocritical.

    You could follow anyone around for a week and find something to rip a person about. Yes, even the holier than though people who write news articles about people they don’t even know.

    Christ was right when he said that all people need mercy. What Christ fundamentally knew is that all people have done wrong. The good people of this world simply are not that good and the bad people are simply not that bad. It is the holier-than-thou and hypocrites you have to watch out for. After all, those are the types that crucified Christ.

    • Chase

      He is a public servant. If he can’t do his job (of service) without going on benders, purchasing illegal drugs, and soliciting prostitutes, then he is probably unfit to serve. That is not to say that he is a villain. Only that he is clearly not beholden to his responsibilities. Besides, public figures hold themselves up to this sort of scrutiny (it comes with the territory), your average hypocrite is responsible for the well-being and reputation of a city.

      • Chase


      • JK @ Chase

        Lots of hypocrites in this world and yes, you are saying he is a villain. The person above wasn’t commenting on the position he held just the fact that there are a lot of people out there that cast the first stone. That person is right. If you did follow someone around for a while – you would find dirty on anyone. Also, your average hypocrite is responsible for a city. Hypocrites never deal with reality and over time that leads to problems. They like to point the finger but offer no real solutions and rarely do anything but point the finger. From what I can tell in the article, it doesn’t describe many problems in Toronto. People are just bent out of shape that this guy used drugs and made a crude comment. I hate to tell you that in America half your elected officials, judges, and police are doing the same exact things. Who are you kidding?

      • @Chase

        I agree but Chase who are we kidding? Not one person got fired over 9/11. Not one. Incompetence all the way around, yet no firings. Yet, a mayor who sleeps with a prostitute is held to the fire. We are outraged when a man say p**** on TV but on other more important issues we don’t care.

        It is all so hypocritical. We are selectively moral in America. Ah, pot is bad but alcohol that causes deaths and violence — well that is okay. Ah, killing innocent people on 9/11 is bad but our drones killing innocent children overseas — well that is okay.

        So hypocritical. So selectively moral.

    • krafferty