Jon Kitna Will Donate Paycheck to High School

    December 26, 2013
    Pam Wright
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Former Dallas Cowboy quarterback turned math teacher Jon Kitna, will donate the money he makes backing up quarterback Kyle Orton this Sunday to the high school where he teaches and coaches the football team.

Since retiring from the Cowboys, Kitna, who played for 15 seasons and four different teams, has taught math and coached football at Lincoln High School in his native Tacoma, Wash.

The Cowboys signed the 41-year-old to play as Kyle Orton’s backup if Tony Romo can’t play against the Eagles on Sunday.

The high school football team he coaches finished its season last month at 8-2. Kitna’s son, Jordan, a sophomore, was his starting quarterback.

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  • Steeler Fan

    Makes me want to pull for Kitna and I am a Steelers fan. Seems like a good guy.

    I have always said this and I will take it to my grave. If people just aspired to live a simple life and give of themselves to others, this world would be so much better. Think of it. There are people in this world that have so much money sitting in a bank doing nothing. But if they took that money and re-invested it in people, our whole level of society would increase. Instead of buying a BMW, by a Hyundai and take that $50,000 and give it to those who need it.

    There would be less homeless, there would be so few people in prison, there would be so few addicts and if there were, we could get those people back to being healthy again.

    That is what Christ taught. Be selfless. Show mercy. Give back to others. Love each other. Christ was not a fool. What the heck are you going to do with your money when you die anyway? Really think about that.