Jon Gosselin Sits Down With Oprah

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Jon Gosselin hasn't been in the public eye much lately; the father of 8 who rose to fame on the TLC reality show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" ran from the spotlight following a very messy, very publicized divorce and now lives in a cabin in Pennsylvania, working as a waiter in a local restaurant.

But Gosselin sat down with Oprah recently for an episode of "Where Are They Now" and speaks pretty candidly about his relationship with Kate now; that is to say, it's almost non-existent.

"At this point, there is no cooperation, there is nothing, There's two different totally parenting styles, two different totally everythings. Which is a shame, because it affects me, but it really affects my children."

According to Jon, the two of them barely speak to one another these days.

"I wish her the best in all that she does, but [we're] just moving in totally two different directions, just totally not on the same page at all about anything," he said.

The Gosselins became world-famous after their story was televised on TLC; after having twin girls, the couple decided to try for another child and ended up becoming pregnant with sextuplets. They eventually landed their own reality series, which became a hit and led to a successful book career for Kate. But as the show progressed, so did the tension between the couple. While they admitted from the beginning that having eight children didn't always "bring out the best" in the two of them, it was obvious that things were rapidly going downhill. During the last couple of seasons of the show, Jon was often not present, and when their separation and divorce became tabloid fodder, the reality series turned into a show about a celebrity mom who often had to shield her children from paparazzi.

The new episode of "Where Are They Now" airs on Sunday night at 10 p.m. on OWN.

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