Jon Cryer’s Ex-Wife, Sarah Trigger, Seeks Extra $80K in Monthly Child Support

    October 26, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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“If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.” That’s probably what actor and director, Jon Cryer, is thinking based on his most recent stumbling block – his ex-wife. According to TMZ, Cryer’s ex-wife, British actress Sarah Trigger, has went before a judge, requesting that she be granted the right to acquire an additional $80,000 per month in child support for the couple’s 13-year-old son, Charlie Cryer. As a matter of fact, she wants a staggering total of $88,969 per month. But, it’s not as outlandish as it sounds.

While this may seem astronomical to most people, you have to look at all of the claims involved. Trigger now has custody of their son, and he is in her care more than’ 50 percent of the time’, TMZ reports. She currently receives $8,000 in monthly child support. However, she feels that the current amount is gravely unacceptable in comparison to the $2 million a month she claims that Cryer makes starring on the hit sitcom, “Two and a Half Men.” But her claim isn’t a misconception.

If the Forbes‘ list of ‘TV’s Highest Paid Actors of 2013 proves accurate, Trigger may be right on the money, literally and figuratively. The notable American business publication reported that Cryer and his “Two and a Half Men” co-star, Ashton Kutcher topped the list in earnings this year. According to Forbes, Cryer garnered an estimated $21 million from June 2012 to June 2013, which equates to approximately $1.75 a month; close enough.

The current $8,000 monthly sum was established back in 2010 when Trigger only had custody of the child for just ‘four percent of the time.’ So, when you do the math, her claim and request may be legitimate, based on Cryer’s income.

But, here’s where things get tricky. Trigger also claims that their son has become a victim of scrutiny in school as a result of the ‘meager’ child support she receives. In other words, she claims he’s being bullied because their lifestyle isn’t up-to-par with that of his peers, since they only receive $8,000 a month. Now, for those who do not know, Cryer’s son attends the prestigious Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, CA, which costs $33,775 annually. In a nutshell, most of their son’s peers come from wealthy families. So, $8,000 a month may seem like a far cry from financial distress, but it could actually be considered embarrassing.

She stated that her son’s friends have opportunities she can’t afford, such as ‘exotic summer vacations’ and winter trips overseas to places like ‘Europe and Thailand.’ She also stated that some of their son’s friends have hosted, “huge birthday parties at expensive places like Sky High Sports and they invite the entire grade.”

Trigger admitted that these type of luxurious are definitely out of her current budget. “Last year there were multiple Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs all with custom invitations, a dress code and huge private receptions afterward,” she explained. Trigger specified that the increase in child support would be solely for purpose of bettering the child’s quality of life.

Cryer has not responded to Trigger’s claims or demands.
Image via Twitter | Jon Cryer

  • Jason

    Bitch please. Quit being a greedy sow. 8K is more than enough for the BOY! No one is trying to support you. Fucking leech

  • Jonathon

    “has went before a judge”?????? huh…wow..good luck on a writing career at that rate.

    • Ed

      Who cares? Get a life!

  • Pkc

    Please check your grammar:

    “…British actor Sarah Trigger has went before a judge..?”

    • Ed

      Who cares? Get a life!

      • Papa

        Who cares? The woman is “writing” an article for public consumption and I would imagine getting paid for it while a writer who can actually use grammar correctly is probably unemployed. I have a life and one of the demands I make is a level of competency by those providing a PAID service. The woman fails miserably on several accounts. Your life may encourage stupidity but mine does not so I have no need to get another one. You on the other hand need to “has went back to school and learns English”….

  • Maryann Felice

    Ms Ellis,

    I found a couple of errors in your article I felt I should bring to your attention.

    Your sentence in paragraph one which included this phrase,”…has went before a judge…” should have read “…has gone before a judge…”.

    In paragraph seven, your first sentence reads, “Trigger admitted that these type of luxurious are definitely out of her current budget.” Luxurious is the incorrect word. The word you should have used is “luxuries”.

    I am not purposely picking on you, in fact, I want you to be successful. But it’s critical for you to use the correct words and verb tenses when writing professionally.


    Maryann Felice

    • Ed

      Ms Felice,
      Who the phuck are you? The grammar/spelling police?
      Get a life, honey.

      • Gaby

        Hi Ed,
        That’s not how you spell that word. It starts with an “F”. Have an awesome day:)

    • http://WPN Billk

      Either apply for the writing job or not, I looked at the comments to see if anyone had anything interesting to say.. Not 5th grade proof-reading..

    • Betty

      Oh my gosh!(>_<)People like you are so annoying!
      Can you be anymore obnoxious? Geez…..

    • http://www.king5.com/news/business/191166761.html NancyNurse

      Yes, I agree with you, MARYANN. A journalist should use the correct verb tenses and correct nouns, otherwise no one will take her writing seriously if she doesn’t.

      • Ben

        Especially when said journalist is harping on about the fairness of people getting what they “deserve”. She seems to believe it unfair that the father is earning this much without supporting the mother more, and yet continues to be paid adequately for low quality work. I sure hope she is spreading the wealth out to lower paid, higher skilled journalists.

    • Annie B

      Thank you for correcting the mistakes the writer made. I stopped the daily newspaper because of the numerous grammatical and typographical errors. It hurts to see the dumbing down on the people in this country and what is now acceptable. Normally I don’t read remarks posted by what seem to be some of the dumbest our society has to offer but I dislike Chris Brown so much I couldn’t resist.

      • Natasha

        I understand that grammar is important. However, why are people being so hard on this particular journalist? Is it because she is black? Someone even mentioned Chris Brown which I do not understand. People are so hard on black people. What you have to understand is that when you treat black people bad, it helps us to become better writers, dancers, painters, singers, etc. People all over the world respect black people’s talents. I know you are all jealous. God bless you Meaghan Ellis.

        • Ben

          OF COURSE IT IS A COLOUR THING. You really believe when errors are made in what journalists articles that nobody says anything don’t you?

          You think it might be because they disagree with her misandry? Perhaps there’s some bitterness over the ridiculous support she has for a horrid individual.

  • Mirae

    Grammar problems aside, there are entire FAMILIES living on much less than $80,000 a year, much leas per month. She should be ashamed and learn to live on a budget. If she wanted to continue to “live in the lifestyle to which she had become accustomed,” she should have stayed married to her husband. That may sound harsh, especially coming from another woman, but that’s ridiculous.

    • Robin

      I agree, that’s a gold digger for sure! Supporting the child is one thing, but $80k you could buy a nice car for that/etc.

  • lorrie

    Trigger also claims that their son has become a victim of scrutiny in school as a result of the ‘meager’ child support she receives. In other words, she claims he’s being bullied because their lifestyle isn’t up-to-par with that of his peers, since they only receive $8,000 a month.

    The Buckley School offers financial assistance to families with demonstrated need based on an evaluation by School and Student Services By NAIS (SSS). Awards are made by the school’s Financial Aid Committee to students who qualify for aid on the basis of financial need, and who in the school’s judgment are able to make a significant contribution to the Buckley community through their academic accomplishments, talents, and personal attributes. Our review process involves applying consistent principles across all applicants to determine the families most in need of a financial aid grant.

    so, that excuse is no longer valid ms. trigger

  • http://WebProNews Skeek

    Wah, wah, wah! Poor baby can’t have everything his mommy wants for him! Most people don’t make $80k A YEAR!!! Get a job!

  • Ed

    Sarah Trigger’s teeth look like two rows of corn-on-the-cob. EW!

    • Aaron Ververs

      Well, what do you expect? Cryer can’t do any better.

  • John Goodin

    she’s not helping her case by what she intends (or claims to) spend the money on .. it’s real simple based on the 20% after net/tax income of the non-custodial parent.

    Cryer’s pay/income is subject to deductions/fee’s (agents/legal) that actor’s seem to get get caught up in and his net/after tax income from his current salary contract for the show than the rough numbers.

    Cryer’s real gold mine may be his residual payments for the 10+ years of re-runs both domestic and international. They too are subject to agents and attorneys fee’s, but the show is on constantly all over the world.

    The kid (son) deserves more (in child support) from his fathers income, but not because of his (the son’s) peers. Dad (Cryer) needs to see that most of his support goes for/to his son and not as a franchise for the mother to accompany him on trips/vacations and to hold parties

  • http://WPN Billk

    It’s ashame.. Hiding behind the child to get a piece of the pie. (john… just take custody back)

  • JACK

    SARAH TRIGGER YOU ARE A LEACH ON SOCIETY. if $8,000 per month isnt enough to raise your child then stop spending the money on yourself and there would be plenty for the kid. GET A JOB YOU GREEDY …

  • JACK


  • Diana

    I do agree that the ex is trying to buy her way into the high life…maybe her acting career has gone nowhere? But, if the child is being bullied for being poor, he needs to get over it. Lots of kids grow up in schools where their “peers” have more than them. It’s called keeping up with the Joneses, and if you teach it to a 13 year old, he’s going to feel entitled forever. Mom, get a job and set up a savings account for when these “trips” come up. Or do what other Hollywood parents do, and put your kid in the spotlight. Talent doesn’t matter.

  • A Writing Pro

    First of all, it is important in journalism to make sure that all of the writing conventions are done without error. This includes capitalization, usage, punctuation, and spelling. Otherwise, people will not want to read your writing because they will get tired of correcting it in their head as they read. As a writer, it is always a good idea to proofread your own writing several times, read it aloud to yourself, and even have another person edit it for you.

    Secondly, Ms. Trigger’s request is exhorbitant. There are not that many trips, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, or parties in general that a teenager should be attending in a month to warrant that type of child support. I understand that they are in a special situation and have access to a lot of money, BUT this is clearly taking things for granted. She and Jon should be instilling values and self-esteem to build their child’s character instead of letting him worry about how much money he is receiving for child support. By the way, when did this become a topic of discussion for children? I think that the mother is more interested in using the funds for herself, otherwise she would have had some actual needs listed for her son instead of listing these lame and trifling reasons for requesting an increase. However, if those are the reasons, the mother and the child both need to visit some shelters or real-world single parent households to see that there are people who need money for basic day-to-day necessities, as well as to see how “single-parented” children make it just fine on much less. ###

    • yukkashen

      i am no english teacher, but the word is exorbitant dipshit.

  • jemma

    First off, Ms. Trigger only has 50% custody. Back when the Child Support was first awarded at $8,000 per month, she had something like 6% custody. I have a feeling if she keep this demand, she’ll end up going back down to 6% custody. Cryer is a fit parent so if the courts made that award once, then they can certainly do it again.

  • Ruth

    Ms. Ellis, where did you go to school? “Sharah has went” ??? Bad grammar from a web content professional !!!

  • Men Don’t Get Married

    Men, don’t get married. There is absolutely no upside for you. Give women exactly what they want — a life without you and let’s see how they like it over the long term.

    The average household income in United States is approximately $47,000. This woman is making that in a month by literally doing nothing. She can work. She is independent and strong. Let her make her own way in life. Women want to be equal as long as it favors them and they can get something out of it.

    Stop the madness. We have already seen what a feminist culture has done to America — we are at the lowest point in our country’s history and we have become a nation of fearful weaklings. Give women a life without you because that is the only way they will learn that they are crazy and nothing but self-centered.

    Let them go it alone in life for a while.

    • Robin

      I am a woman, and I am even tired of women myself. Wanting in football now. I am like “really?” Not all women are self absorbed etc.

  • Hypocrisy

    This is as hypocritical and illogical as women who protest against domestic violence but still support abortion. I guess the pulling apart of babies isn’t violent enough for some women.

    Women are hypocrites.

    • Yep

      Over 25 millions female fetuses have been aborted since 1973 so why don’t we talk about the real war on women?

      It really is hypocrisy. Women actually killing future women. I have two friends. One is male and is in prison for 10 years because he got in a fist fight. That was aggravated assault. The other is a female feminist who got an abortion. She thought she was empowered and a champion of her cause until someone went into the waste bags at the clinic she got her abortion at, then she saw the hands, legs and other body parts of aborted babies.

      In the grand scheme of life, that man in prison had done much less damage to mankind than that woman did. Yet his life is taken away and she is free to walk around.

      • Papa

        Dummies; abortion is legal; domestic violence and aggravated assault are not legal. Bringing those three together as if there is a relation makes you both look stupid.

        • @Papa

          Dummy? Wow… really?

          Abortion = Death
          Aggravated Assault = No Death Involved
          Domestic Violence = No Death Involved

          Legal or not. Are you saying it is okay to kill and that killing is okay as long as is legal? What about morality?

          Wow … really? Just because it is legal that doesn’t make it right.

          • Ben

            Domestic Violence = No death involved
            Kidnapping, rape and torture = No death involved

            Clearly these two are equal!

            Or maybe judging situations isn’t as simplistic as “did someone die”…

            You’re the anti-feminist, and you’re an embarrassment to men.

        • Bravo

          Bravo…. yeah I guess it is okay to take a life as long as it is legal. Yep, a black eye is also much worse than death. Much worse.


    • http://yahoo karen sheppeard

      You’re generalizing all women. Not everyone is like that!

  • Give Women What They Want

    Men, you are not appreciated at all. Nothing you do matters and it is all your fault. They want equality as long as it favors them and everything in life has to be about them. All of their problems are not the result of their own decisions but rather, they are because women are nothing but victims in this world. It doesn’t matter what they do — they are never held accountable for anything. Give women what they want. They claim they are being oppressed by you and are better off without you. Don’t marry them. Let them go it alone.

  • Melody

    Umm… What could a 13 year old need that requires 88,000 a month? I am all for guys paying child support but come on. If she can’t pay the rent that isn’t the exes problem. She is way out of line.

    • @Melody

      Melody … Melody … Melody …… women use money that is set aside for their children all the time. Are you really so naive to think that they don’t? After a divorce, the life of the man is destroyed and the woman is upgraded.

  • Scott

    8k a month is more than most people make in a year. typical greedy woman who cannot make her own money. if she is an actress (never heard of her), then go out and get a job. support your child. im sure he already provides more than the required 8k a month to his child when its needed. this is obviously money for her and not the kid. what does the kid do that requires over a million dollars a year??? even private schools in europe are only 100-200k a year…

    • Robin

      I know right! That’s just wrong. I am a woman, and I think it’s wrong.

      • She’s a gold digger

        Exactly! She just wants a nice “big” slice of the pie.

  • Aaron Ververs

    I have just this to say about Jon Cryer: He’s an ass.

    • @Aaron

      Like you know him.

      • laura

        I know him and he’s not an ASS. 80k is way too much.While he’s out working his ass off his ex is probably just waiting for the check.Why call someone names you know nothing about personally. and this topic is getting way off topic.

    • jennifer

      Actually I met him in NYC in the early 90’s and he was a really nice guy! At the time he was in Carnal Knowledge on Broadway with Judd Nelson. He used to come in to the club I worked at and when the play was done he came to the club just to say goodbye. He was sweet.

  • mhp

    80K a month in child support sounds more like spousal support there. Gimme a break.

    • Milly

      There are women out there struggling on public assistance and can’t squeeze a dime out of their deadbeat baby-daddies, and here’s this woman who cries about needing more child support because she needs to make sure her son is keeping up with his rich friends. Of all the arguments she could go with she chooses the weakest one.

  • Ted

    Welcome to America in 2013. Women just want a free ride in life. Doubt me? Go to any divorce court in the nation and see what goes on behind closed doors. I am woman hear me roar — I want equality but I must insist on quotas and Title 9. I want equal responsibility until I make my own bad decision then it is someone else fault. I want to go to parties, get drunk, screw as much as I want — then when I feel bad about it I want to call it rape. I want a baby when it is convenient, but want the right to kill the baby when it isn’t convenient. I don’t want a man to ever hit me, but it is okay if I hit a man and verbally abuse one as much as I want. I make up over 50% of the population but I only comprise 3% of the prison population. I like it that way. Yeah, those evil men who hit women are so much worse than women who kill their own children in abortion clinics. Yep, 9/11 was horrible because 3,000 people died that day, however, every day in america 3,000 babies are aborted, but that is okay.

    I am woman. I believe in equality, accountability, and family.

    • Wisha

      Give me a freakin’ break, Ted….men don’t have to carry fetuses, but some of them think they have a right to tell women to, whether or not they are willing to be responsible fathers themselves. There are good and bad people in both sexes.

      • vietvet1968

        Give me a break lady. ” Men don’t have to carry fetuses”. Who said you had to get pregnant? You can’t say NO!. That is a very lame excuse! Do not go there. It is not the problem. The problem is money for the son that he will not see. He needs better life lessons and the mother is not capable to do this

    • Robin

      I am a woman and have to agree with you, you are right on.

    • truetrue

      Women may hate this but, Ted, I agree with you. To start, I am a woman and I have been through child support issues. My son’s father wouldn’t pay and after going through the court system. I decided to spend that time with my son instead of trying to make a man do what he is supposed to do. My son is most important. However, I see women everyday trying to get over and claim to be defenseless. They push and push men until they defend themselves and then cry abuse. We asked for equal rights but want to be treated more like a lady. We want to be big and bad and try to fight men but cry if we lose the fight. We can’t have it both ways. Men are men and women are women. We can’t do everything they can do and they can’t do everything we can do. In this case, she is wrong. Jon should not have to pay any more. She should get out and go to work. This looks bad for all legitimate issues women have.

  • K

    They’ve been divorced for 9 years. What has she been doing with the money all this time?

    Also if the reason that the ex wife wants more child support (because the child is being ridiculed at school because the money isn’t enough for him to keep up with his classmates lavish lifestyles) flies in a courtroom then we as a society are officially doomed.

    • @K

      Your first mistake is you are being logical and reasonable. When dealing with women, this is just not acceptable.

      Yep, he has pretty much given her a million dollars which is more than most families make in a lifetime, yet somehow she disadvantaged. Her child’s college is paid for, he can buy a car, he can buy a house, and put money away for retirement. Yet, somehow he is disadvantaged.

  • John

    Gotta love Vagimony

    • Midnight

      Hey, you couldn’t have thought of a better last name. It sounds like a gun is in the picture lol.

    • terry111111

      When a person is Rich that’s what it is!!!!! Poor boys don’t have to pay it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • grandmabbbles

    GREED is all there is. Yes Jon makes the money to pay it but reading her reasoning is sickening. Of course she would have to use some of the money for being a responsible parent and attending trips, etc. If Jon is smart he could require at least half to go into a trust for use after he is 25. In todays society women work and support the family, the son is not an infant, she should be able to kick in for these nonessential trips and parties by working herself. What is she going to do when the teen is 18 and support stops all together???

  • Erik

    His son sounds like a whiny little brat. Why should Jon have to fork over $88K every month just so his kid can “fit in” at school. That kid is selfish because he wants to be like his friends, spoiled and selfish. If it were me, I’d put that brat in a public school and see how he likes it being with “average kids”. The most my parents ever spent on me was $2500 and it was for a new car. I earned that car and I didn’t have stuff handed to me like most rich kids.

    • terry111111

      Erik: it’s the mother not the kid who is the problem!

  • Tammy

    It’s funny how last week on trending news…it was posted Jon cryer and ashton kutcher make more money in tv than anyone..now she suddenly wants more money!!! who said her kid had to go on trips to europe or anywhere for that matter? and as for having a party and inviting the whole grade that is nuts!!! She is clearly out for money for herself…the kid isnt going to suddenly see a lavish lifestyle! the mother is! I got 450.00 a month from my ex who was in the military..try raising a son thru teenage years on that!!! she is out of her mind! i hope the judge tells her $8,000.00 is more than enough and i bet he does do more for his child that that! if that article hadnt come out last week…she wouldnt be trying this!!!

    • truetrue

      Try raising a son with only $279 a month help. However, I worked and provided everything for my son. She should try doing the same. I wonder who is paying the $33k a year school tuition? If she is an actress, she needs to update her resume and those head shots and start going out on auditions again. Working mothers do it every day.

  • The Ring

    When you have to give a woman an expensive ring just so you can marry her, well that does not bode well for your life. Guys it is not worth it to get married. Feminism has made it not worth it. All feminism has done is create two generations of self-centered, spoiled women that never take responsibility for their own actions or their own lives. Women are so self-centered now that they don’t even care about their sons. Suicide rates for boys are out of control, programs for boys are being cut, incarceration of boys is going through the roof, boys attendance in college is dropping rapidly, boys are increasingly being diagnosed as ADHD because every school program is geared towards women, drunk girls are having sex then claiming rape at an alarming rate, and the list goes on and on.

    Guys take care of yourselves and your sons.

    • terry111111

      Ring: especially if the women finds out you’re a Rich TV actor!!

    • http://yahoo karen sheppeard

      I brought up 5 sons, mostly by myself. When I see them it’s a hug and a kiss, and when I leave it’s the same thing. I always taught them right from wrong and to be a good person. They are generous men, who have families they look out for with all they have. Don’t put all women in the same catagory. I stayed home by choice to be with my kids when they were young. I gave up a career because my kids were worth more to me than money. Get a life and stop being a woman hater. You play a big part in a marriage too. Must be nice to have a 40 hr a week job and the rest of the time off. Mothers work 24 hrs a day, you’re always
      “on call”.

      • Jons Bud


        Thumbs up to you. Unfortunately most of divorced women aren’t like you. Many are materialistic; the majority of those who aren’t, fall by following ill advice from a lawyer or greedier” friends.

        You raised your children to be good people. On the other hand, Ms. Trigger thinks a problem -his son being “bullied”- can be solved by dumping more money. If the judge favors her, the result will be a kid taught the wrong lessons of life and a chick with more pairs of shoes.

    • Battered and Bruised Husband

      I agree

  • Wow

    Everyday in America kids go to school hungry. Does this woman really think that $8,000 a month in child support alone is not enough? Clueless American Woman.

    • terry tary

      She read the paper about Cryer being one of the best paid TV actors last year!!

  • http://yahoo karen sheppeard

    All I can say is Golddigger, she didn’t have a problem until she found out that he is one of the highest paid actors. I agree $8000 is not enough to have a “lavish” lifestyle, but $88,000 plus a month more is just greedy. The kid doesn’t need that much money, and I’m sure he already has a college fund set up by his Dad. So who’s the child he is supporting, his ex?
    I guess you high-ball what you really want, and then end up taking less, let’s hope so, cuz I think it’s teaching the child to be greedy, and probably spoiled rotten.

  • karen

    any judge that upholds that request should be kicked of the bench immediately!! what a horrible position to put that kid in. now he will be the butt of many mean jokes

  • http://webpronewsFirstshemight Kathleen

    she might consider sending him a public school, some of those kids parents don’t make much more than that for the year. On the other hand, if my ex were making that much money, I would hit him up for “raise” too.But $88,000, I don’t think so. Especially with one kid. Charlie learn to stand up to these ultra rich kids, tell your mom to live within her means.

  • http://att.net mike

    Sarah Trigger is out of her bleepin’ mind. She’s just trying to cash in on his success. I hope the judge tells her to stick it. No one, and I mean absolutely NO ONE should get that much Alimony. That’s a lottery, not child support.

  • Jons Bud

    Time for the judge to switch the custody in favor of Jon Cryer.

    This type of women keeps making of marriage something you don’t want to get into. She’s supposed to teach the kid to earn his path, not to have him compete against peers’ exotic tastes.

    And this is why I’d never want to become a lawyer. I don’t want problems with God by encouraging greed and lies.

  • Colleen

    Move to a middle class neighborhood. If the status of your life is based on $, then I think 96k a year solely on child support would put you upwards of “the cream of the crop.”

  • Farrah

    This is sad and utterly ridiculous. That’s all I have to say.

  • vietvet1968

    I have heard some amazingly crazy things but the writer of this article is truly boonkers. $8,000 a month in child support is twice what I take home in a month. This has to take care of 4 people. This nut job ex-wife can not take care of a 13 year old boy on 8K. There is truly something wrong with her. The judge should give the boy back to his father ASAP!

  • Susan

    Seriously, Meaghan Ellis, take an English 101 grammar course before publishing. You’ll gain more respect and credibility. “Has went” is NEVER correct.

  • Rebecca

    Almost $90,000 a MONTH???? Are you freaking serious? We don’t even make that in one YEAR! Greedy biotch!

  • MsApril

    Im a divorced mom of 3 who gets nothing so…bitch please lol.

  • eabarnes

    My comment is for the author Meaghan Ellis. I’ve only read to the 2nd sentence and I had to stop to see who wrote the article. I see you’re an aspiring writer. I have a suggestion for you – study English grammar!! John’s ex-wife has NOT “went before a judge”! She either “went before a judge” OR she “has gone before a judge”!

    You will never be taken seriously as a writer if you are not able to communicate properly in the language in which you are writing. As well should be the case. I am not writing this comment to put you down, call you out, make fun of you, etc. I make this comment to help make you a better writer and to help you to be a better influence on the people who look up to you as a writer. Illiteracy is an epidemic in this country. English is supposedly one of the most difficult languages to learn and yet MOST of the people I have encountered in my nearly 50 years on this planet who have come to the United States to attend college or after attending college in their own non-English speaking country speak and write English perfectly or nearly perfectly! How is that even possible? People who speak English as a second language do so BETTER than a large percentage of the people in America who speak English as their primary and ONLY language! It’s absolutely a disgrace and sickens me!