Johnny Depp: 5 Movies You May Want To Watch

    August 3, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Johnny Depp is most known these days as Captain Jack Sparrow or, in certain circles, as Raoul Duke/Hunter S. Thompson. He has an eerie way of embodying the characters he plays so well that we forget he’s just acting.

But while he’s proven himself to be an intriguing dramatic actor, he has a sense of humor that borders on the silly, which shines through in many of his characters. The films he’s most famous for, while all good in their own right, sometimes overshadow other, lesser-known roles that should be seen by any Depp-lover. So here are five of his films you may have forgotten, overlooked, or might want to give a second try.

1. “From Hell”

A film by the Hughes Brothers that also stars Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid, to you non-muggles), “From Hell” chronicles an investigator’s dark path on the search for Jack The Ripper and his struggle to stop “chasing the dragon” (getting blasted on Opium). A bloody, wonderfully interesting take on the Ripper story.

2. “Ed Wood”

The mostly-true account of now legendary B-movie director Ed Wood has Depp dressing in drag and trying to keep a struggling career afloat in an industry that looks upon him as a joke. A lovely, somewhat sad tale which stars Martin Landau as screen legend Bela Lugosi.

3. “Public Enemies”

Depp plays John Dillinger, with Marion Cotillard as his French love interest. Also, Batman is in it. That’s all I need to say, I think.

4. “Once Upon A Time In Mexico”

Antonio Banderas plays El Mariachi once again, with Salma Hayek as his lady-love and Depp as a mad CIA agent (mad as in Hatter). Seems like this performance may be a tad underrated.

5. “Dead Man”

A film by Jim Jarmusch is often pronounced “artsy” and “weird”, so this one got mostly overlooked by even the most avid Depp fans. Mostly because it’s artsy and weird. But so is Depp, really, and he pulls off this character beautifully. Give it a shot, you might dig it.

  • http://yahoo kathy

    i love johnny depp hes crazy but romantic he has it going i wish i can meet some one like him but i love to watch him

  • Suzi

    Johnny Depp can play any character. He is wonderful. I have all his movies and wouldn’t miss a one. Hollywood seems to overlook his acting ability, it’s a shame, but no one else has ever played the range of characters he has and so very well. You just gotta love him.

  • Lori

    “Dead Man” is an awesome film, if you have a few brain cells you will appreciate it. I am a huge fan of Depp, there is no one like him anywhere. That said, I am disappointed in the way he treated Vanessa, the mother of his kids. Don’t have affairs without first letting go of the person you break up with. Protect their dignity. Don’t go fool around on the mother of your kids and let her be the fool in the news all over the world. OK ? That was disgusting. She got a lot of embarrassing press, like “he was bored”. Really ? And he did not step up to combat those ugly stories. He humiliated her and left her in that storm.

  • Judy

    I have been an avid fan of Johnny’s since the beginning of his acting career. I never heard of Dead Man but will give it a go. I have watched, read and followed his appearances as a musician. I think he is so wonderfully talented that I am never disappointed by anything I have learned and had the extreme pleasure of watching his growth throughout the years. His attractive personality and style is always the perfect choice when I find myself needing a sense of comfort and entertainment. I consider it to be my good fortune to be able to get caught up in his works so much so that I will repeatedly enjoy his work on a regular basis and never get tired of seeing what I have of his work again and again and always find myself enthralled and thrilled as if the first time I was privileged to witness.

  • http://Yahoo,com Linda Adams Van

    I’ve watched every one of his movies. He is just a natural talent. Don’t think there’s a role he can’t play and do it very well. One movie you don’t hear much about is The Libertine. Not a movie for every one but one of his best as far as acting goes. Of course being a die hard Depp fan, I’ve yet to see one of his movie’s that I didn’t just Love.His great looks aside he’s just one fabulous actor. People, refer to him as weird. I just believe he’s being himself, nothing phoney about him.For a musician with a limited education, he has come a very long way. As a high school drop out this young man has come a long way. Top rated actor, great musician, singer, business man, and wonderful family man. Wish him all the best.

  • linda

    donny brasco – enough said

  • http://yahoo jeff owens

    johnny depp played good in cry baby to my little girl loves that movie he needs to make a part 2 of cry baby it is good to watch thank you jeff owens

  • Laura

    Must see for Johnny fans Chocolate and Man Who Cried.

  • http://yahoo cheryl paiva

    johnny depp is my favorite movie star! ive tried to watch every one of his movies. i remember watching a movie and he had someone in his life or mind that someone was out there to harm him. the end is surprizing and way cool. if uve see this movie u will remember it but damn i cant remember . does any one remember this movie which also contains ears of corn.

    • starr

      i think u mean secret window? love that one.

      • Batman

        I agree with Starr…I am confident that you are referring to Secret Window. If Starr and I are correct, you’ll remember John Turturro, and screwdriver through his dog, and a burned-down house.

  • Erin

    Johnny Depp is a wonderful and talented actor. No doubt about it. I too have all of his movies. Including The Brave. He made his Directorial Debut with that one. I also think that the way he and Vanessa split up is a shame, and yes it was hard on her and I am sure the kids. But I wish everyone would stop referring to her as his wife. She is not his wife. They were never married. Yes, they have children together and they were together for 14 years, but they were never married. Johnny is just like a million other guys out there at his age wanting to be free and sowing his oats, so-to-speak, and I guess if you have the money he does it’s ok. But, please stop referring to Vanessa as Mrs. Johnny Depp. Other than that, Go Johnny, You Rock. Literally.

  • kim

    I’ve watched and Own most of his movies, my all time favorite is Donnie Brasco hands down