John Travolta Sued for Libel by Author Robert Randolph

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John Travolta Sued for Libel by Author Robert Randolph
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John Travolta has returned once again to the national spotlight following a libel suit filed by author Robert Randolph, who claims the actor said some pretty nasty things in an attempt to thwart the publication of his book “You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again”. In the tome, Randolph reveals that Travolta is known for having sexual encounters with men at bathhouses, an allegation that was brought to the attention of the entire world earlier this year when two disgruntled masseurs sued the actor for harassment.

According to Randolph, Travolta and his lawyer Martin Singer went to great lengths to discredit the book by spreading false rumors about the man’s mental stability, a claim which the author refutes. In fact, it was Singer and Travolta’s behavior that caused the book to be delayed almost two years; the tell-all finally went to print this February, roughly two months before the other allegations regarding the “Battlefield Earth” star’s randy behavior.

Singer, meanwhile, claims their concerns about Randolph’s mental health do not fall under libel, as they were made in a private letter to a third party. Travolta’s attorney plans to turn the tables on the author by filing a lawsuit of their own. Given the amount of work that Singer will be doing over the next few months, here’s hoping Travolta still makes enough money to cover all of these legal expenses. I’m sure those “Old Dogs” residuals are pretty hefty.

A representative from Travolta’s camp issued a lengthy statement regarding the impending lawsuit. A very large chunk of that text has been included below:

The lawsuit filed by Robert Randolph is absurd. The suit is based on a privileged communication, and it will promptly be thrown out by the court. To evaluate the credibility of Robert Randolph and his ridiculous lawsuit one need look no further than his own statements published on his website stating that he sustained “permanent brain damage” and had to “retrain” his brain. Randolph also claimed on his website that after he was beaten and sustained brain damage at a spa, he allegedly returned to the same spa months later, and that the same assailant was there and supposedly attacked him for a second time. Mr. Travolta will aggressively defend himself against this lawsuit and expects to be fully vindicated when this meritless case is dismissed.

Considering lawsuits are flying at Travolta’s face at a mad, rapid pace, chances are this isn’t the last you’ll hear about Randolph, Travolta, and the actor’s alleged bathhouse habits.

John Travolta Sued for Libel by Author Robert Randolph
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  • Dennis Kasten

    When you buy into the Hollywood BS, what you get is what you sow. This is probably falling on deaf ears. God’s word is the furthest from these peoples ears. God gave John a talent, he choose to bury it.Probably doesn,t know that parable. Quite Sad…

    • http://none bottle

      will it says, That no one in the heavens and on earth can open the 7th seal. And there are many holy ones in the heavens.

  • http://none bottle

    And now you think the spot light is bad . It just got worst I seen where they made this super camera :( at every traffic coroner there’s 2 cop 1 helicopter and 4 super cameras

  • David

    how does it matter if he wants to stay in the closet that is his choice

    • Gary

      Well I hate to break the bad news to you, but the author is right about Travolta. He is gay and to no one’s surprise so is Tom Cruise. This is well known in Hollywood and in Vegas. the reason they are and have been trying to keep it out of the public eye is because their careers would be pretty much ruined. This type of celebrity harassment has been going on for yrs in Hollywood. When I was a kid one of my favorite actors was Rock Hudson. The public was kept in the dark about it but most everyone in Hollywood knew about it. It was common knowlege he liked picking up male prostitutes. When I found out I was in shock to say the least. I wouldn’t and still won’t watch any of his movies if they come on TV. Anyway these actors are quite aware of what will happen to the careers if and WHEN these allegations get confirmed. So you and others who want to stay in denial about Travolta and Cruise can all you want to. But the truth is the truth. And if you want to come to their defense and say there married and have kids. Well Matt Bomer of White Collar is gay and he has three kids. I don’t know if they put something in the water or what in Hollywood but it seems a lot of talented actors seem to go to the Wonka side for some reason. It’s a real bummer.

      • BrundleFly

        Trust me, a lot of actors already have at least one toe in the water before they even get to Hollywood. In high school nearly dropped out of drama class when I saw how many gay dudes there were and I didn’t want to be associated with them. The lure of Hollywood lifestyle and fame promised to them by gay studio bigwigs and casting agents for certain “favors”, surely contributes to them crossing all the way over.

      • susan

        Gary, R U crazy, talented is talented, so if you stopped watching rock Hudson because he was gay, you suck…I did a pun. Anyway, I do not think you stopped because he was gay, you st0
        pped because of the mixed feelings you had about him.. Also, could it possibly be becuase he came out when he got AIDS, perhaps you were scared you might get it by touching the TV screen???

      • Rick

        Obviously GARY, you are gay. Friggin Phags ALWAYS trying to single someone out or claim the whole world is secretly gay. Know it all wannabee hollywood mingling lowlife, shut the hell up already. Yeah – you know “everything”. Probably work in some small towns graphic arts stock room or some shit.
        Talking like you know everything that happens in Hollywood.
        Idiot savant deluxe.

  • http://yahoo.com Diana

    I always have been a fan of John,when i saw what people been saying about John liking men,i know that man aint gay,He is a fox,i love him,and love Saturday Night Fever.

  • dinodogstar

    Mr. Travolta has never been anything less than an “Angel”–ok, maybe with a little “Grease”—and to suggest he is anything other than a non-fondling masseusse client, or a male-on-male,’happy-ending’ seeking heterosexual massage client, is nothing more than “Pulp Fiction”..! How dare that author, just “Look Who’s Talking?”.. I do hope though, if it’s true, that during such attempts to hook up and “Get Shorty”, he did cast himself as “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”, if you get my drift…! See what I did there? Thanks, you’ve been a great audience, I’ll be here all night…

    • Rick

      Gee – How witty a banter.
      You must have been the life of the birthday parties at Chuck E Cheeses a few years ago….. Dork

  • R&R

    It’s been known for many years that the multi talented John Travolta was into this type of stuff long before it made the news. It was just a matter of time before he got exposed. Those working in upscale spas in Southern California reported that Travolta wanted his male masseusses to “finish him off”. Personally, I don’t care what kind of stuff you’re into, but if you use your power and celebrity staus to intimidate others into doing something they don’t want to do, it’s going to bite you in the ass eventually.

  • Tom Krooz

    “Travolta and his lawyer Martin Singer went to great lengths to discredit the book by spreading false rumors about the man’s mental stability…”

    Mental stabilty? And that from a SCIENTOLOGIST? Now THAT’S a laugh!

  • DizzyMsLizzy

    John Travolta is so talented, who the h ell cares if what his preference is. It’s his business only. Leave him alone so he can continue to make lots of us entertained with his movies.

    Grow up people.

  • Ron

    The rumors have been around for YEARS…..why do you think that South Park episode where Tom Cruise is trapped in CArtman’s closet [also rumors around him for years] they had Travolta come in and try to convince him to come out?

  • http://yahoo lynch

    so be it

  • LisaS

    Back in the mid-1970’s, before John Travolta hit it big with ‘Saturday Night Fever’, it was already very very well known in the Philadelphia gay community that he is bisexual. It was as well known as Paul Lynde’s visits to a particular gay bar in town.

    • http://netzero mars

      I remember thoes rumors very well Lisa ……however I never heard people describe him as this ABSURD DESPERATE out of CONTROL PERVERT that Mr. Randoulph is painting him out to be.

  • http://netzero mars

    What’s up with this picture of Travolta sitting on the toilet?

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